Family fun between a Mom and a Son are memorable moments, ones you never forget.

I’m a very good Mommy in more ways than one. I enjoy family fun, as much as the next one.  I love my naughty little boy and I always take care of him no matter what he might need. He doesn’t even need to ask for my help, most of the time. I know him so well, that I know exactly what will make him get excited. I’m sure you know just what I’m saying.

A few weeks ago, Johnny broke up with his girlfriend and he’s been a little depressed. Since he hasn’t been on a date, it’s been so frustrating going so long without sex. He needed a woman who could comfort him and give him a release. Who better to do that than Mommy?

I knocked on his bedroom door, as I entered I found him lying in bed surfing the internet. I asked if he wanted some company and he shrugged so I went inside his room. I laid down beside him, putting my arm around him and pulled him closer. He put his head on my shoulder and snuggled up to me. I stroked his hair, as I asked, “Honey would you like to talk?’ He was hesitant at first and slowly opened up, as I rubbed the side of his face against my breast. He felt warm and I ran my hand over his body, feeling how strong and firm his body felt against mine. I was ready to have a little family fun to comfort my son.

My baby was growing into a fine young man and I knew what my touch was doing to him. I kept touching him and used my other hand to turn his face to mine. Slowly, my hand slid down his jeans and my fingers tugging at the zipper. I reached inside to find his already hard dick. Gently I placed my soft hands around the shaft of his cock and slowly moved up and down. Teasing him at first with my mommy love touch. Johnny groaned in pleasure, as I began to stroke him harder. I pushed myself up and took my hand off his dick long enough to tug his jeans and boxers down, I leaned forward, my hair falling in my face, as I got a whiff of his musky scent. I put my hand back on his dick and slid my fingers down to his base, holding him as I began to lick along his shaft. I could feel him throbbing on my tongue and when I went back up to the head Gently I rubbed the tip of my tongue against the underside of the head. I know he has a little sensitive spot there and he moaned as it touched it. I put my lips over his head and slowly moved down, filling my mouth with his dick. I began sucking him deep into my mouth. Slipping my mouth over his shaft, as he began to relax. I put my other hand under his balls, cupping them, as I went a bit faster. His balls felt heavy in my hand, as I gently squeezed them. I knew Johnny would be shooting a huge load down my throat. I sucked him hard, keeping my lips tightly around him, as his dick gave little jabs to the back of my throat. Taking a deep breath, I kneaded his balls, as my mouth sucked down his whole 8 inch cock. I went from the head, down to his base with fast steady suck. Without a second thought, he pumped his hips to fuck my pretty lips.

He wanted more of Mommy and I kept going, not letting him down. His balls jerked up, as his dick swelled up and loads of cum filled my mouth. I ly I nearly choked, as I swallowed his tasty load down. I didn’t want to miss a drop, as some of it dribbled down my chin. I kept my mouth on my little boy and let him empty his balls into me. He’s much happier now and I’m going to enjoy lots of family fun with my son to keep him that way.

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