Extreme Medical Fetishes and Filthy Flirtations with Dr. X

One of my many extreme medical fetishes wasn’t something I ever thought about before.  I live by appointments so, one with my gynecologist is passe.  And, I have impeccable hygiene so, not a thought was given.  Arriving a few minutes early, to peruse the great magazines they always have and a fresh latte.  Hmmmm. It was quieter than normal, but clearly, someone was there; smooth jazz music was playing and the lights were on.

Flipping through my favorite, Veranda magazine, I saw Dr. X peripherally coming toward me.  “Josette?” His voice held that doctorly calm I’d become used to over the 2 years since I’d started seeing him.

‘Cum into my parlor’, said the spider to the fly.

Again, extreme medical fetishes weren’t on my radar, but I did notice what a nice ass Dr. X had. I grinned to myself as I felt the tingle I knew damn well I wouldn’t act on. Normally.  As with anything sensual, I’m not immune to Dr. X’s charms and they are considerable.  He’s got ripples in places my husband only dreams of, even though he’s in great shape too.

I quickly flashed on the fact that Sam is really only interested in getting his knob polished, then falling asleep before I get mine.  However, this morning, he’d given me the old wham-bam-thank-you, ma’am and the closer Dr. X got, the more I felt the residual cum slide from my pussy.

Oh, Doctor!

Indeed, it was all just fantasy when I let my mind wander to “what if?” land, with Dr. X.  He’s married too and from what I’ve seen, he loves his hot young wife.  She’s not as young as me, but., she’s still hot. Giggle. Besides, he’s flirty with every gorgeous woman patient he has.  And, it’s almost like he put out an ad to get all the hot women in town.  Other docs must be wondering the same. In fact, Dr. X’s patient list has eXXXploded to the point where if you’re a new patient, you’ll spend some time on his waiting list.

In effect, if you’re not already one of his, you’ll just take the news and wait your turn.  He’s worth it.  And, that’s without ever fucking him.  He’s just a great Dr.  Likewise, his staff is top notch and very attentive.

Running the office all alone.

I settled on the exam table, slipped off my heels, and scooched myself to the center of the table before lying back.  I knew the drill well, so I pulled the medical gown up to the tops of my thighs before slipping my feet into the stirrups just as Dr. X. came back in.  I remember thinking there was some Law stating that doctors had to have a female in the room when examining women, but, oh well. Time is of the essence. Right?

He smiled that reassuring smile and said, “Cold fingers, slight pinch. Hold on, Joey…”  Then, I felt the speculum slip inside, then out, then in further, then out.  What the fuck was he doing?  Was this man TRYING to force a squirt from my pussy? Well, if he wasn’t he was about to get the shock of his career!

He fell silent looking at my pretty pussy. It happens every time!

The speculum slipped out again, but this time, it was replaced by two of his plump fingers. I loved this part. Yum. What? Don’t deny a girl a little tingle. Stop drinking Hater-Aid! LOL.  As a rule, it’s HARDER to get my pussy than getting into FORT KNOX! But, Dr. Feel Good had me turned up with that speculum eXXXam!  Maybe this is what they mean when describing extreme medical fetishes?  I had no idea, but I was sure to have had more pep in my step that day!

I bet there’s no Cornstarch Pocket Pussy in his desk! This Dr. gets all the cunt he can HANDle. lol.  His hands slid along my thighs in a way that reminded me distinctly of how a lover touches. Hmmmm.  Party over here?

Doctor X. moaned his approval at his work on this pretty pussy.

Indeed, he gave me, my sisters and Mom our perfect, tiny, pink pussies with his awe-inspiring laser. Simply put, he’s the BOMB as far as doctors go!  His fingers felt inside me, sometimes causing a little discomfort, but mostly I was fighting the pleasure.  He got to his feet, but his fingers remained buried inside me.  Then, he leaned forward and began to KISS ME!  Not that I minded, but it was such a shock. One that I couldn’t get enough of!

He was finger fucking me while we kissed.  His hand found mine and placed it on his REMARKABLY HUGE dick.  I stroked through his pants until his wetness came through.  Thereupon, he dropped the pants to the floor before sliding deep inside me.

One, two, three strokes, and then we were off!

He pulled himself out then I heard his stool wheels sliding across the floor.  Next, I felt his warm, soft lips invading me and I lost all sense of time.  For the time being, I gave no thought to Sam having fucked me before he left for work.  And, even though I showered, there was still some in there, I felt it!

It felt too good to stop Dr. X. and I heard his moan increase, as did his tongue activity!  He looked up at me and uttered, “OMG! Your husband’s CUM is so GOOD, Joey!  I blushed, then let the man WORK!

I guess the sample was sufficient, FOR TODAY! lol.

I sucked his huge cock with my husband’s cum dripping from it and swallowed like a prisoner on Death Row! Dr. X. did the same with my cunt.  However, with eat gulp of semen from me, he grew even MORE amorous about it.  Dr. Feel Good had me feeling GREAT!  I came in swells and wanted more!

Listen.  This is no average Cheating Wife Phone Sex, we’re talking about here!  I’m the real deal Holyfield when it cums to fucking. Wanna hear about the weekly sessions I get with Dr. X, the MIRACLE DOCTOR?  If you need some extreme medical fetishes in your life, you should call me. I just love to dish with the details!


Extreme Medical Fetishes