Expect the unexpected – when you explore erotic phone sex with me. Sensuous warm whispers, unlimited taboo fetishes endless phone sex conversations. My first phone sex experience occurred when I was a freshman in college. My high school sweetheart and I had been fucking like rabbits before I left for college.  We needed something to fill the void til Thanksgiving break.  I needed a little escape from studying, so I called my boyfriend. Let’s just say, one thing lead to another as I began teasing him – Touching my hot young pussy, as I described how I was just wearing his favorite tee-shirt, little pink panties and I was sucking on a lollipop. My soft whispers began to drive him crazy, Deep long sighs, in between the long wet licks of my lollipop. The vision, as I described it, reminded him of how sexy I looked sucking his hard throbbing cock. I couldn’t help touching myself, as I provoked him to touch himself. I was getting so turned ….

just the thought of him touching himself, on the other end of the phone. Needless to say this was the first of many erotic phone sex adventures.

Phone sex is easy, intriguing and so erotic. The thought of turning on a lover or a stranger makes my little clitty throb with anticipation. Are you ready to be my perfect stranger and experience erotic phone sex. Come listen to my sultry voice, as I describe an erotic fetish or fantasy from beginning to end. Lingering on certain words “warm wet pussy” or “just the feel of my flickering tongue on your hard throbbing cock” will drive you insane. I get so turned on – turning you on. Every call is different, so I can’t say what exactly will occur on our call. Finding out what turns you on is half the fun. <Wicked Little Grin> Pushing your buttons to explore role-playing (daddy’s girl – sexy teacher – kinky nurse – horny teacher – naughty neighbor, dirty mommy) domination, humiliation, prostate milking, incest, anal, oral, cock teasing or all of the above. This will let me know what direction to take our call. Once we decide what you are in the mood for, I like to make our erotic phone sex call seem as real as possible for you. Lots of mutual masturbation or guided masturbation – will make this experience and all our experiences tantalizing.

Have a flavor for naughty fetishes or kinky fantasies?   I’m ready to play erotically with you. One of my sweet vanilla callers asked to be pushed to the edge. I love pushing my callers to the edge and pull them back. Without hesitation, I took him from vanilla fantasy of a steamy blow job to the most mind-explosive phone sex fantasy of a kinky swingers party. Slowly introduce him to the erotic fantasy of swapping partners. Since our first call, it’s developed into exploring the cuckolded lover mixed with a touch of BBC. Each call always takes an erotic turn. His cock exploded with each word that escaped from my sensuous lips.

Let’s have our own naughty erotic phone sex experience. I know your cock is twitching now. Call me – I love teasing my pussy, as you stroke your cock, to the sound of my voice and my naughty words. About halfway through the call, your cock will be hard and throbbing. The rest is history. Our erotic phone sex experience will leave you feeling so relaxed taking all your frustrations away. Virgin to phone sex? C’mere sweets – Don’t worry – I won’t bite! I will be gentle with you I won’t bite – Unless you want me to. I will guide you through an experience, you will totally enjoy. The other good thing about phone sex, no one is cheating or getting hurt. It’s all fantasy. I’m just helping you explore all your hidden fetishes or fantasies with no limitations. Just call me your – Erotic Phone Sex Teaser. Anything goes as long as you cum. Our Only Limitation Is Our Imagination. You will see how easy our conversation will flow and our time together so exciting.

When you need Something more Slip Inside My Naughty Fetish and Fantasy World.

Cum2Raven1Talk to You Soon

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