Why can’t men embrace being clean shaven down below like women have? I’m not a big fan of pubic hair on women which is why I always keep my pussy nice and smooth and men should be neatly trimmed or smooth. No one should ever have a big hairy bush, it just makes the situation more appetizing. Pat didn’t get that memo and there was no way I was going to fuck him after I saw the forest that he had growing. Believe me, it was wild, I could barely see his cock. Sex screeched to a halt and I dragged his ass into the bathroom. Shaving was the only option.

“Stand there.” I told him and went through the medicine cabinet, taking out some shaving cream and a razor. I grabbed a facecloth and warmed it under the tap then held it on him, softening the hair up. I then put some shaving cream on my palm and spread it over him. He shivered as I touched him and I told him to keep still. I picked up the razor and held his dick steady with the other. As soon as my warm soft hand covered him he said that this could wait but I just ignored him. I could feel him throbbing and twitching in my hand and knew he must have been dying to fuck me. I swept the razor over him in a careful stroke, shaving the hair off him and leaving behind smoothness. I moved slowly, going across him patch by patch. His dick kept moving in my hand and I held it tighter, making him groan. “You have no idea how good that feels.” he told me but I had a pretty good idea. When I had gotten the last bit of hair off him I wet the facecloth again and wiped him clean. I wanted to encourage him to do this on his own from now on so whenever we hooked up we could get straight to the sex so I said to him “Mmm, I love it when guys are smooth. It makes me happy which means you get to be happy too.” I stroked his dick then moved my hand to his base. I licked along his shaft and around the head, lapping up the pre-cum that was leaking out of his slit. I put my lips around his head and slowly slid down his shaft. I began to suck him and the smell of the shaving cream filled my nose. I reached up with one hand and cupped his balls. They hot and heavy, probably feeling like they were about to burst after having be made to wait for so long. I gently squeezed his balls as I sucked and I could hear him moaning above me. I went a bit faster, my lips sliding down his shaft and felt his balls jerk up in my hands. I relaxed my throat as he started to cum and I managed to swallow every drop of it.

I stood up and held his wet dick in my hand as I told him “If you want more blowjobs then it’s up to you to make me want to give them to you.” He looked at the razor and shaving cream on the sink and said “I can do that.” Good boy, he’s finally learning.

Adriana (1042)