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I always have a hot sexy man come over to give me an erotic oil massage. I love the way it feels as the hot oil runs done my back with a strong man rubbing it in and working on all my sore muscles. Well, the other day I had a hot strong man come in and gave me a shocking surprise when he started massaging me.

He came up to the door and said, hi his name was Tom and he was there to give me my message. I was shocked at how good looking he was. He had long blond hair and looked like he worked out all over with his muscles sticking out everywhere. I just could not wait for him to get me on the table. He placed the table in the middle of the living room floor. Then handed me a sheet and said he was going to go warm the oil as I got ready.

While he was warming the oil.

While Tom was warming the oil I got undressed. I could not help but peak in the kitchen to watch him. He turned around and asked if I was ready I told him yes.  He came in and folded the sheet to where it was just covering my ass. I was so hot and turned on that I could not think straight. He climbed up on top of me a started pouring that warm oil on my back. It felt so good. When he started rubbing his hands up and down my back and pushing his knuckles into the hard muscles in my back. That’s when I knew that erotic oil massage was a good idea.

Then he moved his hands pushing hard lower and lower on my back. I was laying there wishing he would go lower and squeeze my ass. The lower he got the more I thought he was going to do it. He then climbed off me and started working with my shoulders and arms. He grabbed the warming oil and started rubbing all up and down my arms. Then he came back up he slowly rubbed up against my breast I just knew at that point I wanted him.

When the fun started

When he started working down my legs I knew then it was my opportunity to show him what I had. I mean hell I was laying there naked after all. He started moving down toward my feet that’s when I spread my legs open. So he could get a good view of what my hot sweet pussy looked like.  Next thing I know he was taking his hands and rubbing them up and down my inner thighs.  And when he started stroking I could feel him getting closer and closer to my pussy. Like he was trying to spread it open.

The closer he got the more I opened my legs trying to give him an inviting invitation. All of the sudden I felt him start climbing on top of me from behind. I could feel his hard cock pressing up against my back as he moved up to start kissing me around my neck. Then I just could not take it anymore I instructed him to start fucking me he shoved his hard cock deep inside my pussy. I was in love. That’s when I knew he knows how to work this hot naked mom pussy out.

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