Every woman needs an erotic massage!

It was a warm Sunday afternoon and I had just come inside from sunbathing for about an hour.  I was wearing my skimpiest white string bikini.  I had been drinking a couple of Mimosas outside and was feeling a bit dehydrated and lazy.  It really was the perfect time for a surprise erotic massage.  

As I was standing in the kitchen, drinking a glass of ice water and trying to decide whether I wanted to nap in my living room or in my bedroom, I heard my doorbell.  

Standing at my door was a young, muscular and very good looking guy whose eyes widened when he saw me before him, practically naked.  He glanced around and I saw him swallow nervously before he gazed at me again.

I chuckled.  “Are you going to try to sell me a magazine subscription or something?”  I asked.

“Uh, no.  No.”  He began to compose himself.  “I’m a student over at the community college. I’m in the massage therapy program.”

I raised my eyebrows.  He had my interest.  

“I’m nearing the end of my program and I need to do 10 more hours of hands on massage before I can get my certificate.  I’m just looking for volunteers.”  He looked up and down at me and looked very hopeful.

“I would love to volunteer!” I said, swinging the door open.  “Come on in!”

“Great!  I’m parked just there.”  He pointed across the street.  “I’ll get my equipment.”  He ran to his car and was back in an instant.  He set up his table very quickly and opened a small bag of oils and other essentials.

“Is this going to be an erotic massage?”  I asked, smiling at him seductively.  

His face reddened and he shook his head.  “No, it’s a therapeutic massage.”

“Eroticism can be very therapeutic. I think an erotic massage would be very healthy.”  I glanced at the big white towel he was holding.  “Do you want me to undress and put that around me?”  

He nodded and held the towel out for me.  I took off my bikini, watching his face the whole time.  He looked terrified and horny at the same time.  I climbed onto the table, lay on my stomach and draped the towel carelessly over my butt and legs.  

I closed my eyes and moaned with delight as his strong yet gentle hands moved up and down my back.  “That feels so good.  It’s an erotic massage without you even trying.”  I said.  He chuckled nervously but kept going.  

“Are there any spots you’d like me to focus on?  Any areas with particular tension?”  he asked.

I turned around and lay on my back, feeling the towel slip off of me, landing on the floor.  I was now completely exposed to him.

“My temples.  My scalp.  My face. I get very bad migraine headaches.”  That was a lie but he didn’t know that.  He walked around until he was standing right behind my head.  He began to give me the best scalp and face massage I’d ever had.  I was moaning and squirming.  I heard his breathing start to quicken as he watched my nipples get hard.  This was the most erotic massage I’d ever had and the poor masseur was trying so hard to be professional!

I reached up and placed my hands on his hips as he rubbed my temples.  “Is everything okay?” he whispered.  He was having trouble focusing now.  

“Everything is fantastic.”  I purred.  I reached back and expertly unzipped his pants, reached in and pulled his dick out.  It was warm, it was hard and it was throbbing.  I pushed myself back with my feet until my head was hanging off the table.  He quickly put his hands underneath my head and held me.  I tugged on his dick until it was in my mouth.  

He let out a gasp and whispered, “Oh my god!” as I bobbed my head up and down, sideways and around in circles, sucking his cock loudly.  He put one hand on my tit and began to massage and squeeze it.  He moved his hips back and forth, fucking my upside down mouth.  My pussy got very wet as I felt his hard meat stick pulsating in my mouth.

“Oh, miss… I’m going to cum!” he warned.  I let his dick drop out of my mouth.

“Cum on my tits!” I ordered and he immediately shot a huge load of cum all over my tits.  He aimed for one nipple, then drained the rest of his load on my other nipple.  He then began to rub his cum all over my body, using it as our special massage oil.

He earned his certificate and  went on to make a very good living, offering an erotic massage to every horny housewife in my neighborhood.  He came highly recommended by yours truly.

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