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An erotic lesbian massage sounds like a dream, it gets me wet just like a night of hot phone sex. I’m getting out the warm oil and calling over my sexy blonde bestie. She’s going to school to be a masseuse and she always asks if she can practice on me. I can’t think of a more perfect way to keep nice and warm on this winter solstice. It’s the longest night of the year and I intend to spend it with my lesbian bestie running her hands all over my body. She lays out some towels on her table and I strip all my clothes off. I’ve been needing some relaxation and some soft hands to ease all my tension.

I’ve been dreaming about my hot lesbian friend for years, just feeling her the drip of hot massage oil on my body has me buzzing with anticipation. Feeling the first touch of her hands rubbing the oil into my shoulders makes me sigh. She runs her hands from the middle of my shoulder blades and out to my sides, slowly moving her way down. The pressure of her hands relaxing all of the tight muscles from the weeks of stress leading up to the holidays. Her hands make it to my hips and she pauses for a moment before carefully removing the towel covering my supple ass. She pours more hot oil over my ass cheeks and down my thighs. I feel the warm oil drip into my crack and I let out a soft gasp.

Every touch and sensation leaves me begging for more…

She starts at my feet working the oil in her hands rubbing the curves on my perfectly pedicured feet. It feels amazing after wearing my favorite black pumps all day. Her hands dance up to my calves rubbing up to my inner thighs. My pussy is dripping because I want nothing more than for her touch it. Her hands move up, cupping my ass while she separates my cheeks. Using circular motions that drive me wild, making me wish even more that she would give me what I need. Until finally, I feel her fingers slid over my wet cunt gliding up and down my juicy pussy lips. My moans building as she rubs against my clit faster then suddenly she stops leaving my thighs quivering.

“Turn over,” she says.

I turn my body exposing my perky breasts. I feel her eyes devour me taking all of me in as she drips warm oil on my nipples, between my breasts, and down my stomach. She has lust in her eyes as she kisses me deeply while rubbing the oil into my soft breasts. She massages my sensitive nipples between her fingers. My whole body tingles as her hands slide over my stomach, feeling her breath tickle my skin before finally resting between my legs.

I watch her wet her lips with her tongue and then she uses that tongue to lick up and down my outer lips. Teasing me, but never touching my swollen, sensitive clit. I squirm beneath her but her soft hands hold me down. I know she’s in control of me, all I want is her eating pussy. The moment her tongue first teases my clit I moan grabbing handfuls of her silky blonde hair. She slips a few oily fingers inside of me as she licks and sucks on my clit. My thighs shake as I cum while my pussy clenches around her fingers.

It goes without saying that it was the most relaxing and erotic lesbian massage I ever had.

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