I just can’t help myself, I’m one slutty step sister!

I’ve always been a slut so it’s just natural for me to be a slutty step sister. Who can blame me when I have such a sexy stepbrother! Hot incest phone sex is my favorite and I love to tease! I love to walk around the house dressed in my shortest shorts and tight tank tops. His eyes linger on me so it’s obvious that he wants me. I can feel him staring at my ass when I walk out of the room. I’ve peeked in on him while he was in the shower once and watched him stroke his cock, I swore I heard him whisper my name as he came.

He has the cutest girlfriend too! In some ways, she reminds me of myself. She has a fat ass and big tits. We even have the same hair color, maybe it’s a coincidence or maybe he picked her out on purpose. I know that they fuck every time she comes over, I can hear them through the shared wall in my bedroom. With my ear to the wall, I like to get out my vibrating dildo and play with it. I listen to her moans imagining it was me taking my stepbrother’s cock. Matching the thrusts of my dildo with her moans as I cum moaning his name. Next time they fuck I want to do more than just listen.

 A Week Later

My stepbrother left the door cracked and I just couldn’t help but peek. I saw him between the legs of his girlfriend who looks a lot like me. He squeezes one perfect breast in his hand as his licks up and down her pussy. She arches her back and moans softly as his mouth explores her wetness. I find my hands roaming my body as  I watch. One hand sliding under my tank top to squeeze my own breast, teasing the nipple between my fingers. I gasp leaves my lips and I look again. He didn’t hear me so I get bolder. Sliding my other hand up my inner thigh and rubbing lightly over my shorts. My pussy is aching to be touched.

The moment in the bedroom startles me and I look over to see my stepbrother’s cock in his girlfriend’s hands. She is stroking him, looking up at him as she takes his cock into her pretty mouth. I take my fingers up to my mouth and suck on them getting them wet as I slide them under my shorts and between my wet pussy lips.  Watching her take his cock deep as he grabs her hair and fucks into her mouth. It makes me so wet I’m dipping down my fingers.

He yanks her head back and off of his cock and positions her so she is on her hands and knees. He rubs his cock against her pussy sliding and teasing it between her wet pussy lips before he slides it deep inside with one thrust. She moans loudly and I rub my clit trying so hard to not make a sound.

I want my stepbrother’s cock…

As he starts to pound into her fast-spreading her ass, I can’t take it anymore I have to slide my finger inside. I start to finger fuck my pussy in rhythm with my stepbrother’s thrusts wishing I was the one getting fucked. He grabs her hair, the same colored hair as mind, into his fist pulling her head back as he fucks her. I hear him call her a filthy slut and it makes me moan. I put a hand over my mouth and fuck myself faster, so close to coming and then I look back into the room to see my stepbrother’s eyes on me.

He hasn’t stopped fucking his girlfriend but he watches me as I rub my pussy. “You fucking slut!” He says slapping his girlfriend on the ass. He’s not talking to her anymore. His thrusts get faster and harder. His girlfriend moans desperately, it sounds like she’s close to cumming all over his cock. He groans looking right at me and orders, “cum for me you slut.” We all cum together as if it was meant to be that way and I rush off to my room. I close the door and try to catch my breath. There is no doubt that my stepbrother knows that he has a very slutty step sister.

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