I have a real lesbian sex story that will have you wishing you were there watching through the peephole.

This is a true lesbian sex story, and personally one of my favorites! I had a huge crush on this cute little brunette with beautiful brown eyes and a short pixie cut. We were in chemistry together and every time I caught her staring at me she was quick to look away. I knew she wanted me but was just too shy to make a move so after class one day I asked her to stop by my dorm so we could study for our upcoming test together.

She arrived just in time and I had big plans for our evening… We sat together on my bed and started going over notes. I moved in closer, comparing notes and I could tell how on edge she was. Her breathing changed and the closeness of my hands to her body felt electric. When her eyes landed on my lips, she wetted hers and I knew what she was thinking about. I slid my hand up her thigh and brought my lips to hers, tasting her sweet lip gloss.

Her lips were so soft and tasted sweet, no doubt from her pretty lipgloss.

She melted into my hands and I made quick work to get her naked, wanting to see what she was hiding under her tight jeans and college hoodie. Her breasts were a beautiful pair of perky Cs and she had on these pink lace panties. I could feel my own wetness soaking my panties as I kissed and sucked at her breasts, hearing her moan and gasp for more.

When I reached my hand down to feel her pussy her lace panties were soaked through and I knew I just had to taste her. I tugged off her panties and went down between her thighs, kissing and licking the outside of her pussy lips before I tasted her fully, running my tongue between the folds tasting her wetness and teasing her clit. I wanted more than anything to hear her unravel and cum on my mouth. Once I felt her getting closer to orgasm I took two fingers inside of her and thrust them in time with sucking on her clit until she screamed! Her whole body shook from the orgasm and I couldn’t wait until our next study session.

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