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Lucky for you, you’ve already found yourself here on my blog. Endless orgasms tonight are only a phone call away. Why are you over there with your cock out alone when together we could be having hours of bliss? If taboo phone sex is your kink – I am your sultry siren for the job. 

Is it your first time playing with someone over the phone?

Don’t worry, baby – I won’t bite unless you want me to. I even love to give my newbie playmates free phone sex. Pop your erotic roleplay cherry with me- Again, endless orgasms tonight await you! 

I’m a female porn addict who loves mutual masturbation. So..what is your favorite xxx video? Email it to me and let’s watch it together! My giant sex toy collection is just gathering dust. Endless orgasms tonight is what we both need. Sharing the experience together will make one to remember. Don’t leave me hanging all day and evening, lover. So badly I need your help just as much as you require mine. 

One of my favorite personal kinks is big black cock. 

If you happen to keep reading and flip through a few of my blogs, you’ll without a doubt notice a theme. Am I a typical bimbo snow bunny? You have absolutely no idea. Getting gang banged for hours and hours is a joy. Do I use protection? Hell no! Any good little BBC addict really just wants to get all that baby batter injected into her womb. There’s just something extra special about feeling my tiny blonde pussy getting stretched out by a thick meaty black or brown cock.

But I don’t discriminate because really all I care about is having endless orgasms tonight. 

Come close to me, sweetheart. Do you know who this is? That’s right- it’s your adoring Mommy. Oh no, baby-love! Did hims make a do-do in his nappy? Mummy has just the trick for that. Let’s go into your nursery so that Mom can change you and let the creamy cummies out of her sweet boy’s ding dong. We can’t leave Mama out of the fun though. Take my breast into your mouth and nurse my yummy milkies out. Oh goodness- that’s really turning me on. My good and perfect son will be sure to take good care of his loving parent. You never forget about making sure I finish too. 

What I love about us is we have so much in common. 

Our conversations seem to go on forever. We can just keep talking and never stop, except of course for when it’s time to get down to the kinkier business.  All I want to do is pleasure your privates and tickle your fancy in the ways that I’ve figured out what makes you feel the best. The girlfriend experience may just be the playdate for you. Being able to have something deeper than just a regular quick fling makes my heart flutter and my sexy body crave you again and again. 

So what are you waiting for? Call me and let’s have our own special fantasy. 



Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke