Embarrassing Sex Stories: The Smell of my Panties Made Him Cum at the Post Office

Embarrassing sex stories – yep, I sure have plenty of those, as you can read in some of my previous mortifying anal sex stories! But this particular story involves a stranger and it still makes me laugh!

Last week I sold some panties to a sexy Canadian caller. After cumming and squirting in them for a few days, I packaged them up and headed over to the post office. This particular caller has a huge female cum fetish (almost as much as one of my panty slaves, as you can read in my sex slave stories) so I’d knew he’d be exxxtremely pleased with my cum stained panties.

It was my first time selling panties to a Canadian and it hit me I’d have to fill out a customs form. As I dug into my purse looking for a pen, I began noticing a familiar fragrance.

A strong pussy smell emanated from my envelope, which I’d placed on the counter.

There were a few other people in the room; the guy in front of me slightly glanced back but I ignored him.

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I remained focused on writing out the customs form despite the strong pussy smell gradually filling the room. Smirking, I wrote panties in the customs form and checked the gift box, then carried on waiting in line.

But the pussy smell just kept getting stronger. I recalled what one of my married callers told me once – that he was discreetly keeping a thong of mine in the trunk of his car and that the entire trunk smelled like pussy now. Oooops.
I guess my delicious pussy juices are that potent??? 😉

Anyways, soon it was my turn to approach the middle-aged post office worker.

Smiling sweetly, I handed him my envelope. “I’m shipping this gift to Canada…”

He grabbed the envelope in his hands. “What is this…smell?”

He read the customs form and the expression on his face was priceless.

“How would….you…..like to…mail…” and then he stopped talking. His face contorted into something I’m not sure how to describe – like a horny ape trying to stop himself from ejaculating.

However it was pointless. It was obvious to me and everyone in the room that the poor man had just jizzed in his pants!

For now this remains one of my favorite embarrassing sex stories! Wanna know more? Call me at 1-888-413-5974 for some good laughs, orgasms and hot kinky taboo phone sex!