The Most embarrassing sex stories happen to my friends

My friend called me in a complete panic, I had heard a lot of embarrassing sex stories, but this one took the cake.  My dear friend explained that he had brought a hooker home and she had left him tied up and robbed him.  He used his Alexa to phone me because he knew I wouldn’t tell anyone of this embarrassing predicament he had brought on himself.  I rushed over to his place, not really knowing what state he was in.  

When I asked what happened, he said he paid a random hooker off the street $200 to tied him up and beat him.  He said she was cheap and very convincing.  He thought this was just a sex game!  She tied him up and then he sat helplessly watching while she took his wallet from his pants, and rummaged through his apartment for all of his most expensive possessions she could carry.  This really was one of the most incredibly embarrassing sex stories I have ever heard!

When I arrived he was tied to his bed with his ass high in the air.  He was crying and very obviously flustered by his situation.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  The cheapest whore isn’t always the best route.  

Maybe if he had spent a little less cash and called a girl like me he wouldn’t be stuck in one of the most embarrassing sex stories I have ever heard!

“Well, the TV is still here, I guess that was too heavy for her,”  I said jokingly.

Letting out a slight laugh and said she was a small woman, so that doesn’t surprise him.  She did manage to grab all of his jewelry, and all of his money, I guess she was smart enough not to leave anything that would lead him to her.

I had never realized how sexy he was.  Seeing him naked gave me a whole new perspective.  I had never seen his adorable little asshole in all of its glory. A vicious thought crossed my mind. He was here, vulnerable and mine for the taking. He had spread out his whips and paddles on his nightstand, along with an array of dildos of all shapes and sizes.  He really went all out for that little whore.  I guess the thought never crossed his mind to call me to pleasure him, I suppose it was a line he was afraid to cross.

This was one of those embarrassing sex stories that would turn out well…

Grabbing a paddle I smacked his ass as hard as I could, “What the hell were you thinking?”  I said

He laughed and said, “I just wanted a fun night that ended with me cumming hard, I don’t really have the money to pay for a madame. I didn’t know this would turn into one of those embarrassing sex stories.” I smacked him harder, I was going to be the good friend I am and give him exactly what he wanted…

I bet you want to know what he was in for!!  Read Part 2 to find out!!

Do you have any Embarrassing Sex Stories?

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