Embarrassing Sex Stories are never funny when they’re your own.

So my friend was mortified when he had to call me and tell me that he was stuck tied to a bed because he was robbed by a hooker.  He had a whole spread of Paddles and whips and toys and was so vulnerable. I am such an amazing friend I decided I would give him what he paid her for. It’s no fun getting robbed and losing your chance to cum, plus having one of the most embarrassing sex stories, in one night.

I began whipping him with one of his broad paddles.  He made such a huge mistake and needed to be punished.  I told him that he was a fucking idiot every time the wood connected with his adorable, red little ass.  I could see his asshole pucker every time I raised my arm.  Seductively, I grabbed his whip and began lashing into him. I made him beg for more punishment for being such a stupid little boy. I knew he needed more, so I slid on the strap-on he kept handy with his thick, 9 inches dildo strapped in.  We both knew he had always fantasized about shemale sex, and this was close enough!

This is one of those embarrassing sex stories that was going to have a happy ending.

I grabbed his whip that had metal studs on the ends and lubed my cock up.  I slid into his tight little ass.  He groaned as I began fucking him the dirty little whore he was.  His ass was cumming all over my throbbing cock every time I broke his skin with his whip.  I got so turned on I dropped the whip and began pounding out his ass.   I could feel his body shaking all over every time his ass squeezed on my cock.  

He came so hard that he knew this was going to be one of his most favorite embarrassing sex stories!

I pulled out of his ass, and made him taste his cum, and clean my cock.  I grabbed him by the back of his head and fucked his face.  He took every inch of my cock.  Watching my little bitch boyfriend take my whole cock in his mouth made my pussy drip.  I then slid off the strap on and climbed over his face.  I bent down so that his tongue was grazing my clit and reached for the whip again.

Screaming for him to make me squirt, I beat his chest and made him lick my pussy until he tasted my cum.  My juices were dripping down his cheeks as I untied him from his bed.  He was so grateful for all my help and hard work that he took me out to a very nice dinner and to this day I help him get some release.  I’m so glad he called me that night so I could fix the worst of his most embarrassing sex stories!


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