I was going to turn our truth or dare into a nasty sex game!!

So I just knew I had to find a fun little sex game to play to get my boyfriend and his best friend to fuck.  I saw the way he always stared at his best friend.  Knew he secretly wanted to feel his body, he took every chance he could to touch him.  His friend must’ve felt similar because he never brushed him off.  They had been friends since childhood, I figured they probably gave each other a couple of bro-jobs and decided it wasn’t their thing.  My boyfriend always denied it to me, though.

One night we all were hanging out together and I brought it up, I asked them if they have ever played with each other and they both denied it.  I believed them, but I saw them looking at each other and wondered if they both had always thought about it.  After a few drinks and even more laughs, I decided to try something.  Truth or Dare – it may be a kids game, but it was always a sure-fire way to get things done!

 So I was going to turn our truth or dare into a nasty sex game!!

After countless dares to lick the floor, and run down the apartment hall naked, I finally went for it.  I dared them to kiss.  The stipulations were that the kiss had to be 1 minute long and had to involve tongue.  At first, I felt like I was the mastermind of some forced sex game.  I was surprised how quick they both were to agree and I knew we were on to something.  They were excited to play this sex game, too!!

They passionately kissed each other like two lovers finally able to have their unrequited love.  Then they went a full two minutes making out before I stopped them and I looked down and realized they both had rock hard boners.  I think they were embarrassed, but I reassured them that it was ok.  Thought we were done playing truth or dare, but they wanted to keep going.

I was more than happy to see how far they would let me take this sex game.

So I dared everyone to get naked, we all did.  It was getting super hot and we now knew where this was going.  My boyfriend dared me to show his friend how well I sucked dick.  I looked up with his cock in my mouth and realized his friend and him were just staring at each other and his friend was rubbing his cock.  So – I dared his friend to come to join me. This dirty sex game was going just how I had planned!

We licked up both sides of my boyfriend’s cock and swirled both our tongues around the tip of his dick.  I could feel my boyfriend’s cock throb and he let out a gasp that was almost carnal.  I’ve never heard him moan like that.  I moved back and let his friend show me what a good cocksucker he was.  He was loving every second of swallowing my boyfriend’s cock.  My boyfriend grabbed his head and latched on and pushed him down.

 I could tell he was going to cum any second but I wasn’t done playing our sex game.

I pulled his friend off his cock and started sucking his friend’s cock.  So I pulled my boyfriend down on the floor with us and he grabbed his friend’s dick and quickly began moving his mouth up and down his best friend’s shaft.  I wanted to soak in every second, he was so hot with a cock in his mouth.

I decided to direct them to just where I wanted them.  Then I told my boyfriend to spit on his friend’s cock and then I pulled my boyfriend onto my pussy.  While he was busy licking my clit, his friend started working his nice, stiff cock into his ass.  My boyfriend groaned and begin eating my pussy like it was the last supper.  He was loving having his friend’s cock in his ass, he was loving this truth or dare sex game!!  I crawled behind him just to watch his ass get plowed by his friend.  My boyfriend’s ass just gushed all around his friend’s cock and they both were loving every second.

 I reached down and started rubbing my boyfriend’s hard cock and he started busting actual squirts out of his sexy little asshole.

So I came up with the brilliant idea of having my boyfriend fuck me while his best friend was pounding his ass.  His friend must’ve really liked my body, too because as soon as I bent over he started ramming into my boyfriend’s cock even harder.  My boyfriend shoved his cock into me and every time his friend thrust into his ass, he pummeled into my pussy.  I was cumming everywhere, this sex game was so hot and it got even hotter…

Stayed tuned to find out just how naughty our sex game got…

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