Edging all afternoon with my Ex

I spent the whole afternoon at my Ex’s, edging him. I made him wait to cum until he could not take it anymore. It was so fucking hot. As soon as I got to his place, he had me sit on the couch and as we made small talk, he started to lick and rub my panties. “Make me go slow” he whispered to me.  “Sara, I want to keep going as long as we can.”


Now that was a hot and sexy thing to say, but this guy can never last that long with me.  With my first touch, He is already hard and ready to explode. I was excited to see how long he could hold out.

I told him I would not touch him for a while. He needed to prove to me that he would hold off. I spread my legs and let him explore my pussy with his wet hungry tongue and fingers. He took his time, asking me if I liked where he was touching me and he wanted me to show him how I touched myself.

I came many times before he even pulled out his cock.  My pussy was dripping with my own cum.

He was hard as he stared at my deep dark opened pussy,  throbbing for his cock.  I licked the tip of his dick and then I gave him a long intense blowjob. I love sucking his cock. It is so thick. I told him he could not cum in my mouth. No matter how much he needed to cum. He had to wait. I teased and baited his cock for a long time. I let him put the tip on the edge of my pussy. We slowly teased each other, telling ourselves how much we needed to fuck.

I finally couldn’t take it anymore. My pussy was wet and I wanted him inside me.  He entered me and fucked me longer and harder than he ever has.  We would slow down occasionally, changed positions, and I would tell him how great it feels to have him inside of me. I whispered my dirty words to him. How the climax will be the best yet.

We would slow it down and then he would pound me hard until I was feeling  the waves contractions inside me. I squirted as I came one more time. He could not take it anymore. He came so hard he practically roared while he exploded inside of me!

Do you want to hold out with me? Let me tease your cock till you cannot take it!

Let’s edge together!

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