An edged ruined orgasm is a great way to train your sub!

Have you ever had an edged ruined orgasm? I can give you one. It’s always a surprise when a caller will reveal they have been edging for literally days. How guys have the willpower to do that, I will never understand. They will tease themselves to the brink and then stop and cool down, only to repeat it over and over. Sometimes for weeks, even. It seems crazy, but they say the orgasm when they finally release is spectacular. Well worth the build-up of all that teasing and stopping and starting.

This is where the fun comes in for me. A wicked kind of fun, really, when you think about it. Imagine all that buildup of the weeks-long edging, on and off, but then no payoff. It would be heartbreaking, wouldn’t it? I have to say, I do enjoy giving a guy an edged ruined orgasm. It still leaves their balls with that achy, uncomfortable feel to them; not much cum has been allowed to escape. It’s an odd sensation unless that’s what you’re going for. I’ve been called a cock tease by many in my day, and I like to make men “suffer” this way for my own amusement.

There was a guy I was seeing a few years ago that I gave an edged ruined orgasm.

I didn’t like him all that much. He was one of those “I can take him or leave him” types. He was alright, but I really wouldn’t have really cared if I ever saw him again. Sounds cold, doesn’t it? Oh well… So I decided to break it off with him and started treating him badly so he’d just disappear on his own. Confrontations can be so ugly. I’ve found you can usually drive someone away pretty easily if you set your mind to do so. He really had no interest in tease and denial or an edged ruined orgasm, but I figured if I went down this route, he’d go away.

Several times I did the edging ruined orgasm thing with him while giving him a hand job. He’d ask me what the fuck I was doing to him, and I’d just laugh. Of course. I wouldn’t even give him the satisfaction of going for round two where he might have actually been able to shoot a good load. I would start by giving him a normal hand job, then loosen my grip on his cock so it was barely clasped in my hand. I’d half-heartedly stroke it gently, and rub the pad of my thumb over the head of his cock.

Smearing the precum around and around, teasing him.

Then the circles would get lighter and lighter in intensity. Soon a small dribble of cum would ooze out of his dick. Not his regular strong spurts. I knew exactly what I was doing to him, but he just didn’t get it. I was working on an edged ruined orgasm, but in a very disinterested way. My machinations worked, and he soon stopped calling me for dates. Some callers, though, are admitted masochists. They not only like women doing this to them, but they do it to themselves. Every single time they masturbate.

The ruined orgasm can be like giving a tablespoon of water to that thirsty man in the desert. Not the whole glassful he wants. It’s the perfect kind of orgasm for a Sadist to deliver, lol. “No cum for you!” become the Orgasm Nazi! Most of these poor bastards don’t know how devious we can be when we set our minds to it. One caller of mine that enjoys the edged ruined orgasm always calls for permission to cum. He may have been masturbating on and off for days with no release, and then he treats himself to a call with me.

Then, he must repeatedly beg to cum.

Once in a while, if I’m feeling charitable, I might allow it. Even a non ruined one, but most times, I want him to be left hanging. There have been countless times when he’s saying how close he is, “Please, may I cum, Mistress?” he will beg. I will bark at him in no uncertain terms to get that hand off that cock right now. Even when he says he’s on the brink. Sometimes he just begins cumming. I know if he pumps his way through it, he will have a full, normal orgasm. That is what I don’t want to happen.

So I will tell him to release his cock immediately. Thus giving him the ruined orgasm.

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edged ruined orgasm