It has been some time since we have had some sensual edge play fun. So long, that I have begun to dream about it. Not only that, but I fantasize about it all day long. I think about your sweet touch, your soft kisses, and your perfect package. I dream so much, that it seems I’ve been mixing fantasy with reality. Even now as I close my eyes, I can see it.

My clothes drop to the floor as I watch your body move in a sensual and intoxicating motion. I am mesmerized. Mesmerized by the scent of your overpowering cologne that smells of spices and cloves. I part my lips then purse them as I bring them to meet yours. Your lips are so warm and so soft. Goosebumps quickly rise on my skin as your hands wrap around my shoulders, pressing my body closer to yours.

My heart begins to race, and my breathing picks up as you undo your pants, slowly.

They drop to the floor, revealing an enormous bulge in your boxers. I bite my bottom lip then slide my hand into your boxers and grab onto your delicious man meat. The bulging veins make your entire cock throb in my hand as I slide it up and down.

I can feel pre-cum ooze out from the tip of your cock, lubing up your shaft, making my hand glide effortlessly across your skin. Your soft moans, of pleasure, are like a sweet melody to my ears. My pussy is starting to ache and crave you cock. It’s dripping in anticipation of what’s to come with our sensual edge play.

I kiss the back of your neck as I slowly start to bend you over while whispering sweet nothings into your ear. Goosebumps rise on the back of your neck from my soft whispers and tail all the way down your arms. I kiss up and down your arms as I slip my strap on into place, watching as your cock twitches in excitement.

Slowly, I pour warm lube onto the tip. It trails down leaving slippery streaks all along its’ shaft. You hear the lid click closed then immediately spread your ass cheeks for me. I smile then tease your dirty little star with the tip of my strap on. Your ass quivers in anticipation as I tease you over, and over.

Your body craves some sweet and sensual edge play!

Your breath catches as I slowly slide the tip inside of you. Your muscles tense then ease again as I slide deeper and deeper into your tight little ass. I reach around and start to stroke your rock-hard cock as I gently thrust in and out of you. Your soft moans fill me with pleasure and make my pussy drip.

Drops hit the floor then echo throughout the silent room. Beads of sweat start to form on your brow as I thrust harder and harder, starting to pick up speed. Your once soft moans are now loud grunts as I fuck you harder and harder. More drops hit the floor.

I smack your ass hard then pull you by your hair as I thrust deeper, now hitting directly on your prostate. A smile stretches across my face as your moans turn into screams of pure bliss. I force myself deeper inside of you, becoming one with you. Your cock is so stiff it could cut glass. Pre-cum is now gushing out of your cock as it drools in ecstasy.

You beg me to let you cum, but I laugh and simply say no, fully knowing that once you cum the fun will be over. More pre-cum drains from your cock onto the floor making one slippery, sticky puddle. You beg and plead for me to show you mercy and allow you that oh so sweet sense of relief. Still, I deny you.

I take my cock out of you then push you onto your back on the bed. Then, I straddle you and start to tease your throbbing cock with my soaking wet pussy. The tip just barely slides in when I take it back out, you know you love my sensual edge play.

You attempt to grab my hips and thrust into me.

I smack your hands away and continue teasing you. Gently, I slide my sopping wet pussy down onto your beefy cock. I sigh in pleasure as you stretch out my tight little slit. As I slide up and down on your cock, my tits bounce in your face. You grab on then start sucking on my nipple, gently biting down every now and then.

I feel your cock pulsate inside me, so I start to ride you faster and harder. You grunt and moan as you go deeper and deeper inside of my tight little cunt. Knowing you’re close, I start to count you down from ten. You want to cum so bad, but you know if you do, there will be consequences, so you wait patiently. Sweat starts to pour down your face as I reach the end of my edge play count down. Finally, I reach one and you explode your sticky, hot, load inside of my bald little pussy. Satisfied, I climb off you then head for the door, leaving you lying in your own sweat and sticky cum.

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