I woke up, my pussy soaking wet, throbbing from how hot that cheating wife dream made me. It was a strange yet very steamy and wet dream. I wanted it to last all night long. Do you want to hear all the steamy, creamy details? Then keep reading!

I have a naughty little cheating wife secret.

Yesterday, my firm, yummy looking neighbor, Hank, came by. I smiled at him as he approached me, holding a large package addressed to me. He told me that he believed that our mail had gotten mixed up accidentally. But what he doesn’t know is that I woke up early, mainly, to switch our mail. Being my neighbor, I have seen him on and off, mowing his lawn, with no shirt on.

Those delicious abs were glistening under the sun!

God! Just picturing him now makes my pussy throb! I politely took the package then asked if he wanted something to drink, as a thank you. He smiled then said sure as he came into my house. As he walked into my living room, I told him to place the package on the table, then to have a seat and get comfortable. He did as this cheating wife desired and relaxed on the sofa. When I came back, I sat the drinks on top of the package then went back behind him to start giving him a massage.

Mmm, he is so deliciously muscular, my tongue ached to be all over his ripped body!

He sighed then relaxed more. I told him it would be easier to give him a massage if he took his shirt off. Without hesitation, he took it off then smiled. I kissed the back of his neck then trailed kisses down to his shoulder. He moaned as I slid my hand down the front of his chest down to his crotch. I stuck my hand down his pants then started stroking his huge, veiny cock through his boxers.

He reached up then pulled my head down to kiss me hard on my lips. I quickly unzipped his pants then took out his rock-hard rock. His cock was bulging with veins and dripping pre-cum. My cheating wife pussy couldn’t help but throb and crave that steamy, creamy cock.

I got in front of him then, dropped down to my knees, and started sucking on that delicious man meat. It was so yummy; my tongue explored every inch of it. He grabbed me by the hair and forced my head down further, fucking my tight little throat. I gagged hard then gasped for air when he brought my head back up.

He pushed me onto my back then started to slide my dress up to my thighs, revealing my black lacey panties. Then he got between my legs and slowly slid my panties off. While kissing my inner thighs, he threw them to the side. He got back down between my legs and started to flick my clit with his tongue before sucking on it. A burst of pleasure rippled through my body as he sucked on my tingling clit even harder.

It didn’t take long before a gush of creamy cum came running out of my tight pussy!

I moaned as my back arched and I gripped the carpet, he was so much better than my husband! He quickly threw off his shirt, then looked back up at me and smiled as he climbed up to meet my gaze while sliding my dress off the rest of the way. His body was pressed tightly against mine now, his bare skin against mine.  He kissed me passionately once again before he thrust his pulsating cock into my tight cunt.

I moaned in ecstasy!

His cock was pulsating and throbbing inside of my tight little cunt all night long. He fucked me for hours, switching positions now and then. He is so passionate, and his 8-inch cock is so perfect, the mushroom-shaped head fits perfectly in my cheating wife pussy, making every little movement count.

Then I felt it, his cock throbbing so hard, I knew he was close. He grunted loudly, then thrust his cock so deep into my pussy. I could feel him hit my cervix. Right as I bottomed out, he released his huge creamy, sticky, hot load inside of me.

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