Being an ebony cheating wife is a badge that I proudly wear with honor. It’s something that I have never hidden from you, my cuckold husband.  However, sometimes I feel the need to remind you exactly whose pussy this really is.  This sweet ebony pussy, that will drive a mother fucker crazy, belongs to me.  Therefore, I give it to whoever and whenever I want.  Don’t get me wrong, you have been a wonderful husband and provider.  I just love the way you worship me and put me on a throne like the ebony queen I am.  However, lately, you seem to be real inquisitive about my whereabouts and who I have been with.  

For example Today, I spotted you trailing me in your car.  Pretending not to notice you behind me, I continue on to my weekly BBC fuck session that was already previously planned.  As I drove, I wondered what you were doing off work.  You told me that you would be working out of town and would not be back until late that night.  You follow me, turning at every turn.  I giggled to myself and said that “I am going to have to teach the fucker a lesson”.   While driving I began to think of a plan.  It’s my duty to teach my cuckold husband his place in the relationship. 

I have to give my BBC lover a heads up 

As previously planned, I met my lover, Sam in the lobby of our usual hotel.   He escorted me to the hotel restaurant and we set down and ordered drinks.   Don’t think I didn’t you peeking and lurking around the corner.    Sam already knows all about you and your less than an average cock.  We often make small penis humiliation jokes about you after one of our hot fucks.  

I began to tell Sam about you following me all day and how I pretended not to notice.  I confirm that you have followed me to the hotel, but instruct him not to look in your direction.  “There is a change in plan”, I tell him.  Instead of going up to the hotel room after lunch, we were going to my house. Because it is definitely time to teach my snooping cucking husband a lesson. 

Ebony cheating wife puts her plan into motion

While still in the hotel restaurant and sipping on my glass of Sangria, I call you on your cell phone.   Watching from my peripheral view, I watched you scramble to answer the phone.   You know how I hate for the phone to ring too long.   “Hello”, you answer on the 3rd ring.

“Hey, baby.  I was calling to see if you are still out of town working.”  

Keeping my voice sensual and naughty like the sexy ebony cheat wife I am.  Ducking behind another corner, with your hand cupped over your mouth and phone while you talked.   

“Yes, I won’t be home until after midnight”

Leaning in to kiss my BBC lover’s lips and making sure you saw it.  “Where are you?”, you asked looking directly across at me. “Meeting Crystal for lunch, but I stepped away from the table to call you.”  The lies rolled off my tongue so fluidly.  You said ok, in a raspy tone. 

“ Well, I am going back to the table with Crystal. Later.” I said and quickly ended the call without giving you a chance to respond.   

My lover and I walked out into the lobby, kissed, and headed to our separate cars.  You quickly run behind us to keep up.   You watch my car leave the hotel parking garage followed by Sam’s car.  Continuing to follow us until we wind up at our house.   The two of us disappear inside while you stay back and not want to be seen.  However, I saw you.   I definitely saw you.  


Want to hear all about how this ebony cheating wife taught her husband a lesson?  Then stay tuned for part 2.  Or call you ebony goddess and I will be the ebony cheating wife you need.

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