I moved away from home when I started school and I miss a lot there.

I was instantly reminded of home when I received my early Christmas gift in the mail from my adoring daddy. Erotic excitement filled me as I opened my gift from him. I opened the card first that read, “since you can’t sit on my cock this year I sent it to you, Luv Daddy”. My silly daddy sent me a mold of his cock. OMG, it is so freaking realistic with the look and feel and it even had a suction cup on it. With so much excitement I Skype called my daddy. Luckily, he was up and as happy to see and I was him. He was on a bus ride and on his way to tour Tuscany with his childhood friends.

He answered my call with a wide grin knowing that I had just opened his early Christmas gift.

His ear pods were in and he whispered, “put it in”. I giggled as I angled the phone down so that he could see how wet I was. At first, I slowly slid it in and out of my twat. Once I angled my phone back up I saw that he had his backpack on his lap. “I’m going to come for you,” he said. I could only guess that he was fondling himself right there on the bus. A few moments later I came on the cock mold with a big squirt and slurped on it as I would if he were here. The call ended with me seeing him lift up the backpack revealing a pool of cum.

My new place has a shower in it with a sit-inside so I bet you can guess what I did! I got really soapy with my favorite luxury jasmine body wash then rode that cock like I hadn’t had an orgasm in forever. The combination of the cock mold and the sexy soapy suds sent me into having multiple explosive orgasms. I can say that this is my new favorite sex toy. I was so excited that when I went to throw the packaging away I didn’t realize the other note. ‘Check your card Hunny”, in small print in an index card. He’d given me $1,000 to fix my place up.

Last year was full of family visits, Christmas decor, and affection.

This year is pretty much the same but without my sweet daddy. He has taken a trip back to Europe this holiday season and won’t be returning until February of next year. This year I had planned to go home but life happens and plans change. I switched schools and have been so busy. My mom and her lover will be coming to see me as well as my brother and his gorgeous wife. There may even be a few cousins of mine also.

To be honest, I’m just as excited to see my mom’s lover as I am my mom and my brother. I have heard stories from my moms’ girlfriend about her BBC lover. I chat with her from time to time, also she just might come to visit and she always brings the fun. The little she told me about the BBC lover is that he has turned her into a complete slut. He likes to bring friends over to the house on the weekends and get wild and dirty. I will certainly find more out when they get here. I can’t wait!!

Speaking of an early Christmas gift that I received, I also gave daddy one last year.

It is a mold of my spectacular “cookie”. He uses that mold religiously. It gets so much use that I will have to make another one. It is actually my “cookie” mold with the mold of my hips and ass included which makes the realistic feel amazing. I’ve watched him enjoy my mold in person and in many video exchanges. I use those recordings to get me off all of the time.

From our text, throughout the day he told me that he’d taken the mold of me with him and that he wanted me to get prepared with his mold, candlelight and a BBC. Daddy knows what his girl likes and I do aim to please.

This Story will have to continue!!

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