I love the dark side of my sexuality and want to bring you closer with one of my favorite torture sex stories.

As a night officer, I liked to have a good snuffing time with the inmates which always adds goodness and flare to my torture sex stories. One of my favorites is of an inmate who had done something very naughty and got sentenced to be put down. Haha, it is funny how I refer to it like that. Sounds like I’m speaking of a puppy or some sort of animal. He can be considered an animal if you knew what he is in here for. When I got the go for it being my turn my naughty sexual nature kinked right in.

I am one of the women who worked the night shift. The department is super short staffed on men which is the reason why we were to do the male executions. Well sometimes anyway and trust and believe that we made that best of it at all times. The few men that do work make sure to come a sedate the prisoners just a little before play.  My place of work only jailed the perverse of the world. They liked the idea of maybe getting some love before that big croak.

Besides, having great torture sex stories to re-read is what I need on those lonely nights.

My uniform is form fitting and on nights I unbutton a few extra buttons so that my big DD’s can breathe, This guy did something really extreme to his slutty wife and her BBC lover. Just a little back story, they were all lovers but Timmy here got a little jealous of their relationship. When the police burst through the door of his home he had a plate with the guys 15-inch pecker and her breast. He had hot sauce all over it eating them. Talk about being in love with the perfect pair, right? It turned one of the officers on so much that he had some steamy phone sex right outside in his cruiser.

In his sleep, he talks and often says how he loves the creampie that is made special just for him and how he gives it to his sexy wife. I learned that Tim has a smaller cock and after trying to spice up his sex life with porn and toys his wife wanted someone new. “If he can comply then he can join in”, is what his wife told him. The things he told me about their triangle love affair was amazing. I would go to my desk and still my realist dong to the door and climax powerfully and a couple of times at that.

Now let’s get to the night tale of one of my favorite torture sex stories.

Like I told you before it was my turn to “do the deed”. I got the torture room ready before I got him. Before this I bought a really strong electro wand that I tinkered with to make way stronger, I also brought in a couple of very wide and long dongs to spread him open with. I went to his cell and retrieved the inmate and slowly walked him to the “playroom”. Right before entering the room I and another coworker gave him a shot. This shot was called the kill shot which means just that. He ended when he came to a climax. My coworker returned to the room with the other ladies that sat there waiting for the show.

I took him over to the wall where I had the restraints for his wrist and his ankles. Once restained I slowly cut off his pants and shirt. I then stood in front of him and very slowly removed my shirt, then and shoes and pants.

I reminded him that once he came THAT WAS IT.

It’s funny every time I tell the guys that, they whimper and try to make their hard-ons last longer. Now I stood there in my black lace boy shorts and matching black lace bra. I got my thick belt from my pants and headed towards my victim with it. Then I looped the belt and slid it onto his cock and balls and yanked it as tight as I could get it. I could hear the ladies excitement as he yelled from the pain. All I had on my mind was making this top one of my other torture sex stories. With the belt strap still in my hand, I got the suped-up electro want. As I stood there looking at his pain-filled face I slowly ran the want on the head of his cock.

The screams made the women want more of this sadistic torture.

I ran the wand in between his legs with a back and forth motion. It was so intense and even though I was giving him so much pain his cock started to squirt so much pre-cum. I went and got the dong that was two coke cans wide and 13 inches long. Damn how I wish that I could draw because the look on his face soaked my boy shorts. I kneeled down between his legs with the wand in one hand and the dong in the other I went to work. He howled when I shoved the dong in his ass and even more when I ran the wand on his nipples.

I saw the reaction of him as he took the massive dong and the wand. So much drool ran down his body, as he endured my sadistic games. The ladies chanted for the finale. I vigorously stroked with one hand and pressed the wand into his balls. With his cock growing harder and harder in my hand along with his hollering that grew louder and louder.  That is how I knew it was almost time. 5….4….3….2…..1 he came and shot clear across the room and I couldn’t help from cumming where I was kneeling on the floor.

Do be afraid of the dark side. Do you have any torture sex stories you fantasize about?