Drunk sex stories are apart of almost every person’s sex memory bank.  Well, I am no different.  I went out with a group of my best girlfriends Saturday night.  The plan was to hook up over my best friend, Amy’s house, have some drinks and then Uber to the club.    I parked my car on the road, to ensure that I would be able to get out when we got back without much maneuvering.   Just in case I got a little tipsy I did not want to mess up my car or anyone else’s. After securing my parking spot, I went inside to meet up with the other girls and wait on the Uber.  We began to have a few drinks and dance while waiting, we were lit.  Uber came, we piled in the van and we headed to the club.

At the club!

My girls and I are looking hot,  so the drinks flowed all night long.  We danced and partied like it was our last day on earth.   About 4 o’clock AM we were staggering drunk waiting outside the club for our Uber.   Once the driver pulled up, we all piled in the Uber van and headed back to Amy’s house.   The whole ride home we joked and laughed about all the numbers we pick up.   I loved sharing and hearing about all the cocks, big and small that we all rubbed and ground our bodies against.   We all had a great time.   Finally pulling up to Amy’s house we crawled out of the Uber van one by one.   Once inside, some of us had already decided to stay the night and some of us needed to sober up.   I made some coffee and figured I could make it home without incident.

Ok, the coffee seemed to be doing its trick.   So I gathered my purse and belongings and headed to the door.   Yes, I was still a little tipsy, judging by my wobbly walk from Amy’s house to my car.    However, I was only like 15 min from my own home with my own bed, I was willing to take the risk.   Besides, it’s like almost 5 o’clock AM  and who the fuck is going to be out other than me.  I get settled in my car, adjusting my mirrors, and gave myself the drink pep talk.   ” You got this girl!”  “Just don’t speed and you’ll be fine.”   That seemed to have done the trick because I started up the and headed home.

There go the blue lights!

I figure I must be driving pretty good, so now would be the perfect time to apply a little lip gloss.   You know how it is when you are a little tipsy, your lips need to be moistened.  So I reached in my purse for the cherry-flavored lip gloss.  After applying my lipgloss, I reach over to replace it in my purse when my purse slid to the floor.   Silly me, tried to reach for it an ended up swerving.    I let the purse just fall to the floor, but by then the night sky lit u with blue lights.  “Oh fuck!”, I said out loud and pulled over to the side of the road.   I was panicking, thinking about the about of tequila I had downed.    The BBC (big black cop) got out first and knocked on the window.   Then the female cop came to the other side of the car.

My heart was pounding out of my chest as I handed them my license and registration.  He asked if I knew why I was being pulled over.   I knew, but I was not going to admit it, so I said no.   He informed me that they saw me swerve and wanted to make sure I had not been drinking.  Of course, I knew I was fucked.   They ask me to step out of the truck for a sobriety test.   The minute I blew into the little contraption they not only knew I was drunk, but that I was drunk as hell.   They started to frisk me, letting me know my rights.

Drunk sex stories and 2 dirty cops!

While frisking me they began to look at each other.   Now, I was drunk but I was not that drunk, it seemed they both had drunk sex stories on their mind.  She began sliding my pants and panties down and the other officer pulled out his Big Black Cock.   Squeezing my face between her fingers she said, “You have two options!”   I looked at her as she said, “DUI or drunk sex stories to tell your friends?”   As you know I chose the latter.   You and your cock are wanting to hear all the naughty details of my drunk sex stories and I can not wait to tell you.

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