I invited one of the college girls from my class over to my house and decided to fuck her.

I had my fun in high school with girls, but I wanted to branch out and seduce innocent little college girls! It’s great because I am so cute and quiet in class that they expect me to be the inexperienced one! When I eat that pussy like my life depends on it, the shock on their faces always pleases me. I love watching their eyes pop open and hearing them gasp in awe. My favorite game is picking out the shyest, sweetest little virgin in class and rocking her world like no man ever could.

This particular girl was a tiny little thing like me who sat in front of me in class. She had the softest little voice and she rarely ever raised her hand. One day she came to class smelling deliciously of cotton candy and pot. I made a joke about smoking pot to her and then when we started talking, I invited her over to my place that night for some shots. When she came over we started doing shots of tequila and smoking pot. We watched a sexy little romantic comedy and painted our toenails.

She looked at me while we were laughing and I tilted her head up to kiss her.

Then I reached my hand up her shirt and started playing with her nipples. Then I stripped her naked and started rubbing her clit. I pushed her down onto the bed and buried my head between her legs. I sucked on her hood while drawing figure-eights over her clit with my tongue. At the same time, I began pressing two fingers in and out of her pussy hole. Right as she was about to cum, I pressed my bare pussy against hers and ground into her. I felt her hole clench and drip cum all over me.

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