Sometimes drugged ecstasy sex is the only way to go.

You take some pills, have some booze, and have that great drugged ecstasy sex. Sometimes I’ll have pillow princess sex when I’m drugged. But, if I don’t have too much, I’ll just be a cat in heat the whole time.

Ecstasy is my party drug of choice, other than alcohol, of course. I take a little pill and the world gets very hazy, very quickly. The music playing in the club intensifies. For example, when I take E, the base of the song caresses my skin. Plus, the lyrics kiss my neck. If I take a lot of E, I just want to rub against everything.

So, clubs are my jam when I want something more akin to foreplay. Once I’ve started, I can’t stop touching, licking, and moving. The crowd of bodies is a great way to get started to some fun drugged ecstasy sex, honestly. Although, I can only do it every so often.

It starts like this. First, I show up at the club with my ID, cards, and phone in a necklace pocket so I don’t lose them. Then, I find my friend, who always has some E on hand. I give her a nice big kiss to start the E. I’m not sure which I like better: her tongue or the pill! It hardly matters, though.

Once that familiar warmth is spreading through me, I smirk and shimmy my way to the dance floor.

Dancing on the Floor

So picture this: hot bodies, skimpy clothes, and lots of grinding. That’s what a club is like. And I love to touch someone and be touched, as it’s like fire in my veins. A good, pleasant sort of buzz, really. Someone grinds against my ass, shooting that familiar caress of E up my lower back, while someone else grinds her boobs against mine.

It’s almost too good, so of course, I open my mouth to taste her scent. Automatically, her mouth is on mine, our tongues dancing far better than my feet are in the moment. She grinds her front on mine, our bodies squishing together. My shirt rides up a little more than I know it should. Meanwhile, the guy behind me (I think it’s a guy), continues to grind his hard cock on my ass, cheering and spilling his drink over himself.

To be fair, I’m so far gone, I don’t even register it at the time.

My hands slide down her back. Next, I lift up her shirt and touch her skin. It’s a pleasant heat underneath, like a rock that’s been warmed by the sun. Her skin is smooth and soft on her back, and she arches into my mouth when I dig my fingers in. And as I stated before, her smell is overpowering. I lean down to lick my dance partner’s neck just to get a better taste of how she is.

Everything’s heightened. Everything’s softer, better, like euphoria wired directly from my nerves into my brain. It makes me crave and do things. You know, things that I’d be too embarrassed to do without E.

In the Bathroom

Before I know it, I’m in the bathroom and smiling at two others. I’m seated on the sofas in the women’s room (yes, our bathrooms are nicer) with my legs spread out, my skirt hiked up, and with soft, red hair between my milky thighs. My hands are in her hair, tugging, but all I can really think about is the soft tongue on my pussy. In fact, every so often I remind myself to breathe because every sensation overwhelms me.

There might be an audience. I don’t really care. Instead, I notice the warm breath on my clit and the cool, wet spit that covers a tongue as it slips up inside me. Each drag of her tongue makes sparks fly into my belly. My legs feel electric.  My body shakes and my hands continue to grab fistfuls of her hair.

It doesn’t take much for me to come, honestly. But what really matters is that I want to keep coming.  The good feelings must continue, and I need to come again and again in my new best friend’s mouth. I surrender myself to her tongue and the E and let the drugged ecstasy sex overtake me.

I don’t just do drugs at the club!! If you want to have some fun with this phone sex operator, you’d best call!!

Drugged Ecstasy Sex