Normally, when one thinks of pillow princess sex, they think of a spoiled girl. 

It’s true; I don’t always want pillow princess sex. Lots of times I want to take charge, especially in my erotic sex stories. But there are sometimes I want to lay back on the bed and have someone else do all the work, you know? Especially if I’ve had something fun in my system.

Sometimes, I’m too tired and want to have the pillows support my back as I spread my legs open. I’m flexible enough; my partner could put my legs over my head or move my legs around his torso if he wanted. It doesn’t matter to me; in that state of mind, I just want to be filled, no matter what happens.

Every touch makes me warm, like my insides are liquid gold. My pussy is hot, but so is my face, and I lazily touch myself or my partner to tell them how much I need them inside me. Each brush of their hands gets me tingling. The scent of my pussy fills the air, and my vision is blurry and hazy as I pull my partner against me.

If my partner makes me wait, not putting his dick inside my hot body, I reach down and start to play with myself instead. Usually on something, my body gets flushed and hot, and my fingers are cool to the touch, a soothing icing effect that gets my hips working.

“Stop making me work,” I tell my partner.

So he lines up his cock with my pussy, buckling from the heat of my body in the moment, whispering how hot I am for him. I only smile softly, arching my back as his cock- nice and cool- enters inside me. The cool doesn’t last for too long. My body feels like it’s burning up, sweat dripping down my back, my breasts, my face. I breathe and squeeze my muscles around that cold dick inside of me.

I probably mewl and moan, but honestly, I’m way too out of it to realize if I am or not. It’s enough for me to stay as the pillow princess I am, having my pillow princess sex. Anything else is too difficult for me right now.

“Need it,” I beg, and he gives it to me, fucking me hard and deep, his dick hitting my g-spot. My head lols to the side, and my hands fist the pillows to the side. My chest widens as I try to take deep breaths, my boobs bouncing with his thrusts and my breathing.

Finally, that heat pools inside my pussy, and I fall back in the edge. His cock keeps going, dragging that orgasm out of me, pulling it with all his might. He spurts over my pussy, onto my skin, cool white drops that only make me thirsty for another round.

You and I can have some of our own kinky, taboo phone sex things! Just call!

Pillow Princess Sex