Dressing Room Sex Really Gets Me Off

I need a dress that really draws the eye and makes heads turn. My husband’s company is throwing a very big event and I want all eyes on me. I want only the best so I expect you to come into this dressing room with me to ensure that I pick just the right dress. After all, the dress I ultimately choose will have to fit every inch of my body to perfection. By the way, dressing room sex really gets me going. Does it do anything for you? It’s an innocent question I’m just curious is all.

Here we are, all alone in a dressing room. I noticed the way you were looking me up and down the moment that I walked into this store. Sure, you tailor each item of clothing but that wasn’t the look you gave me now, was it? So answer my question, what exactly do you think of dressing room sex? Does it get your dick hard? Ooh, your ears are a sensitive spot for you, aren’t they? I can see you shiver as I lean close to whisper in your ear.

We can’t have any of your co-workers or other customers overhearing such a private conversation after all. The bulge in the front of your pants is quite obvious. Do you like the way my hands look sliding down your strong, firm chest? I am enjoying the sight myself. Hmm, your cock is twitching against my fingertips right through those expensive slacks that you’re wearing. What should we do about that big raging hard-on of yours? It isn’t very professional you know. Give me your hand and watch as I slowly slide it around the edge of my french silk panties.

Feel how wet my pussy is getting for you.

There is a reason that I picked your store. Your dressing rooms are so luxurious. I absolutely love the mirrors covering each wall in here and that padded bench looks like the perfect spot to have a little or a whole lot of fun. It’s time to find out what I look like on my knees with a big thick cock in my mouth from every possible angle. You know, I thought I was going to have to drag my husband along to try it out, but I’m so glad he couldn’t make it today.

From the look of your bulge, you are definitely packing and so young and virile. I bet you’ve got some serious stamina, stud. Lean back and watch me ease your zipper down and rub your big juicy dick all over my full, pouty red lips. Don’t get too excited stud, take your time slowly thrusting your dick balls deep down the back of my throat. It’s been a while since I’ve had a dick as big and thick as yours, so watch me savor every single inch of it. Now that you’re whimpering with pleasure and dripping with excitement, tug my panties down to my ankles.

Bend me over this padded bench and slide that big dick in me from behind. Don’t hold back either, I want every single inch of your big dick! Give it to me good, squeeze my ass and make these big tits bounce! Don’t you stop until I’ve come at least four times, then you can blow your big hot sticky load any place you please, because I am every bit the kinky cum slut and proud of it baby!

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