Laileena and I were hanging out in the hot tub at my dad’s house.   I know I am young, sweet, and innocent and not supposed to break any rules…..BUT…. You know what? Fuck that! I love watching Laileena in her skimpy little bikini.   It is lime green and the way the water and light hits her pussy just so, you can see her nice plump pussy lips and her fat little clit right through them bikini bottoms.  Not to mention her nice little landing strip.  Ooooo she gets my pussy just a cravin’!  I couldn’t tell you how many times  I have rubbed one out right next to her watching her sleep when she stays over.  Look at this body wouldn’t you?

I couldn’t help it one night when we shared a bed.  I reached over and played with her nipples while she was sleeping.  I even helped myself to about  two minutes of playtime in her tight little cunt. Oh and I do mean tight!  I thought I was going to wake her up so I literally had to force my self out of her.  To quench my thirst for that juicy cunt I licked her sweetness off my fingers and stuck it inside my snatch!  I kept one hand in my pussy and one hand fondling her breast until I cummed so hard cream shot right out of my slut hole.  It’s only molestation if they’re awake right?!?!?

Well, this particular night I was getting her fucking hammered! I mean straight up fucking shit faced. We were drinking wine, beer, and all sorts of liquors. (Trust me I know now you shouldn’t mix alcohol like that, but what do you want from a barely legal slut who never really got drunk before!)

I yelled out belly shots and she was totally like “me first,  me fist”! So, I took that bottle of rum and let it drizzle all over her body from her nice perky tits down to her tight little snatch.  I sucked it out of her belly button and then continued to lick all the way up to the crease of her breast and back down to the top of her pussy.  To my surprise that little bitch had passed out.  At that point though I was so drunk I didn’t care.  I wanted her, I had a taste and I craved more!

I slowly ran my fingers through her hair and starting kissing her neck.  Gently massaging my fingers up and down the crack of those precious pussy lips.  She even let out a little moan.  To me that meant she wanted more.  I climbed up on top of her and removed her bikini top exposing her beautiful breasts.  I took both of my hands and squeezed them together as I took my tongue and sucked on both of her erect nipples.  Grinding my pussy against her.  I slowly moved down licking every part of her body all the way down to that tight little pussy.  I moved her bottoms to the side and stuck my nose right in side those lips.  Spreading that pussy open wide I let my tongue stroke her clit over and over again.   Tongue fucking her juicy twat.  Licking the crack of her ass.  She had the tastiest fucking snatch.  It was so sweet and yummy! I was devouring that cunt.

Just when I was getting into I heard the screen door slam.  I jumped up and the fucking pool boy was right there watching.  He asked me what I was doing.  He clearly had been watching for a while.  He knew that she was passed out drunk!  I replied with a sharp comment back as to why he had a giant bulge in his pants if he was so worried about it.  He just gave me a smirk and starting taking his clothes off.  When he dropped his pants he revealed the biggest cock I had ever seen.  Even though I wanted it.  I wanted Laileena’s pussy even more.  This time I arched back her head and pulled her tongue out so it would just hang there out of her mouth.  I spread my pussy wide over top of that tongue and started rubbing my clit back and forth  on it. Riding that face of hers faster and faster.  The pool boy had picked her legs up and he was just hammering that fucking little pussy of hers.   He busted his load right in between those pussy lips.  Just perfectly for me to lick up off that clit!

Not five minutes after we got her dressed she came too.

All she could say was….

Raven are you going to do that belly shot or what?”