There was a dorm room panty snatcher going around, and I knew it.

No one else thought that we had a dorm room panty snatcher problem, but we did. I pay a solid ten bucks minimum per pair of panties and as a broke college girl in the dorms, I couldn’t have my sexy panties disappearing on me! Plus, I had favorites. When my favorites went missing, I almost always knew. Our dorm room had three floors and was definitely coed. We had a coin-operated washer and dryer on each floor. I lived on the top floor and there were only three boys who lived on our floor. This made finding the culprit quite simple. Now, we were all advised to stay by our laundry as it washes to prevent theft issues.

There were cameras above the washer and dryer, but for more as a deterrent, as they did not run. One could not go back and look at what happened and no one actively watched the footage ever. No one, I mean no one, ever sits with there laundry. It is suggested that you bring a book and study with your laundry, but everyone just leaves back to their dorms and sets alarms to pick it up when it is done. Little did they know, there was a dorm room panty snatcher on the loose in the residence halls. I started noticing about halfway through the year, that some of my favorite pairs of panties had gone missing.

I felt like there was no way to catch him, but I insisted to everyone that there was a panty snatcher.

Everyone literally thought that I was joking. Shortly after this discovery, my roommate and I fell out. She was a prude and a square and always snitched on me to the RA when I wanted to party. I ended up getting my own singular room after I moved out. This room sat directly outside of the washer and dryer. Now, this was a total pain in the ass. It had no privacy, and you could constantly hear the sounds of the washer and dryer. The only thing good about this situation was that I discovered the true identity of the panty snatcher. I would, of course, do my laundry much more frequently since I lived right next to the units.

I made sure that when my clothes were placed in, I remained on my toes and listened very carefully for any unusual sounds. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch anything for the first few laundry rounds. Finally, I cracked my door when I heard some ruffling near my laundry. I saw exactly what went down. I didn’t call him out on it, I just watched him walk away, with a pair of my panties. He stuffed them into the back pocket of his pants! I was going to fucking ruin him! Soon after, I waited for him to sneak into his dorm. I followed him and knocked on his door when I assumed it least convenient. As he opened the door a crack, I immediately shoved my way past him and into his room.

The panties sat carelessly tucked away underneath his pillow on his bed.

What a fucking perv! I marched over and snatched them out from under his pillow. The panties just fell to the ground. A whole pile of them. My panties, and plenty of other panties from other girls too. He was totally hard too! The dorm room panty snatcher was getting off to this. I suspected just as much. I pointed to his obvious boner and laughed. Then I plopped down on his bed and explained to him that I wanted to expose him. When he begged me to keep it a secret, I told him that he had to show me his cock. He froze and surprise spread across his face. I reiterated that I wanted him to pull his cock out. So, he pulled his cock out. Then, I instructed him to stroke it.

Of course, he obliged. He came in like two minutes and I laughed at how pathetic he was. I fished my panties out of his pile and informed him that my panties were off-limits from now on. If I found any more missing I would spread his pervy little secret.

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dorm room panty snatcher