I love a good challenge, so breaking tough subs is no issue for me because everyone can be broken.

I actually profoundly enjoy breaking tough subs, the same way a carpenter enjoys building something of worth. Also, I like finding my work cut out for me. Now, this wasn’t that extreme of a situation. I don’t get myself into situations where I might pose as a liability or where someone’s life is placed at risk. Granted, shit always happens, and the most vanilla of cases could turn dangerous, but things like choking, mummification, needles, knives, and fire require maximum care. These are quick ways to reach someone’s limits fast. Not that I have ever nailed anyone’s tits to a board, but I’ve seen it done. That is a sure-fire quick way to reach someone’s limits right there.

I prefer a slow and simmering breaking of the spirit. A little bit of psychological torture mixed in with slow, repetitive, and alternating rounds of both pure pleasure and suffering. No lies, my favorite instrument for this is the cane. Not like one of those canes that people with disabilities use. That sort of instrument is too large. It is not brutal enough in its own way. Sure it could deeply bruise and harm someone, but that is not my goal. My goal is pain. A cane is often a strip of bamboo or rattan. Now, there is a very effective way to do this, and the judicial systems of places like Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei perfected it.

If I take these methods and apply them to my practice, combined with humiliation, bondage, and degradation, there stands the perfect equation for breaking tough subs.

About three hard strokes, if done right, drew blood. Although caning often focused on a myriad of places, such as the back of the palms, my method concentrate on three specific areas. The ass, the backs of the thighs, and the bottoms of the feet. I had this particularly tough friend. She was a teen mom and had decided to birth her child naturally, so I knew that she was tough as fuck. She said she had never been with a dom that could safely break her. That they would need to travel to serious, life-harming extents in order to break her. I told her that I was up for the task. I worried about failing, but I maintained composure and confidence.

First, I bound her so tightly that even a light flinch became impossible. Her arms and belly fastened down flat to a piano bench. Her legs fastened wide apart, and flat to the legs of the bench. Then, I built trust. I trailed my fingers gently all over her. Exploring her and caressing her. I pulled out my vibrating wand and teased her exposed pussy with it. Then, I pulled out the cane and dragged it across her ass slowly. It was soaking to prevent splintering but simultaneously made it cut through the air like a knife with force behind it. I struck her once with it, not too hard — just a test. Then, I pulled back and let her have it. Twenty back to back strokes on her ass.

Then I returned to caressing her.

I was telling her how vulnerable and weak she was and how she was entirely at my mercy. I used the vibrator again, slightly longer again, but not long enough to cum. Then I switched to caning her thighs. The backs of her thighs and a little bit of the insides and outsides. This took more like thirty-five lashes. Over an hour had gone by, and I was not through with her yet. I went back to slow and gentle caressing. I kissed her and once again edged her with the vibrator. When her legs began to shake, I pulled her legs up onto the bench and placed them together. I caned them until I knew she would struggle to stand on her feet.

I placed her feet back down and touched her gently again. This time, for a long while. No wand. Then I caned her ass again hard. I took a break and edged her with the wand, reminding her how she was nothing but a worthless object — brainwashing her to feel little and insignificant. Then, back to the cane. I knew she was on the brink of tears that last time. Finally, I used the wand until she came, and I simultaneously spanked her butchered ass. As suspected, she cried. So much patience is needed when breaking tough subs. I worked on her for four hours.

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breaking tough subs