Doggy hole wall sex is something I’m thinking about a lot these days.

I love the idea of anonymous sex and being used; of course, doggy hole wall sex pops up a lot in my fantasies.

There are times I just want to leave my own head and surrender to the sensations of sex. For me, there’s nothing more pleasurable than when I’m chasing orgasm. When a cock stretches me and pounds into me; when I can feel the heat of a body pressed behind me. 

And at times, I love not being able to do anything about it. It’s the ultimate tease and play for me. When I have to take and I can’t argue about it, the only thing I can do is let go. Then, I only have my senses left to me. My focus shifts from how to get myself off to how good I’m feeling. I feel like one of my sex toys or a sex doll.

I love the idea of multiple partners in one evening, too. It’s a multifaceted tease, then. Different cocks pressing inside me? Hell yes. It teases me in a variety of ways. It’ll keep my pussy from coming right away and force me to enjoy myself. 

So, the idea for doggy hole wall sex is like a glory hole. But half of me would be in the hole, leaving my butt and legs exposed, while my torso lay on a pillow or something. It’s quite similar to a popular set of videos on pornhub, actually; though those videos show a whole brothel of girls. Mine would just be set up at home, most likely, for me, my partner, and whomever we’ve invited to join in the fun. 

Why This Setup

So in this fantasy for doggy hole wall sex, I’m on my front, my knees bent and wide on a cushioned bench. There’s a wall or something similar with a hole around my middle, keeping my front and back separated. My partner sets up the rules– safewords, lube, whatnot– with any visitors. 

Why the wall over my middle? 

Because then I can feel the thrusting better. In a regular old glory hole, the wall interferes with how deep someone can fuck me. But with this, a partner can grab my ass, my hips, and drive himself into my pussy. He slams against me, rather than plywood or whatever a glory hole wall is made of. The heat of his body engulfs mine as he leans over, even slightly, while he chases his pleasure. If I’m lucky, he angles himself deep into me. His cockhead pressed against my insides, opening them up. 

And I can’t do a thing about it, other than to take and feel. I get lost in the sensation. After so much time being a domme, there are times I need to be the one taken care of. I need to depend on my submissive to do this to me. And he sees these other men, real men, who line up to fuck me. Maybe it teaches him how to fuck. 

Or maybe he just gets off watching, knowing he can’t satisfy me. Whichever works; I’m still enjoying myself.  

Different Guys

Imagine it with me. The first guy comes in, and I hear my submissive give him all the instructions. My pussy is trimmed, but even that trim can’t hide how aroused I am. My wetness catches in my pussy fur and drips down my thighs. A finger presses against my labia, smearing my juices over my sex.

And I lay stuck, helpless. I tense my pussy, tighten my muscles, and try to grind my hips back. But nothing really allows me to get off. Not unless the man decides he wants me to come, and thumb my clit.

But he doesn’t. He pushes in and stretches me wide, and snaps his hips. He makes sure to give my submissive a show. Before he slams back inside me, he pauses each second to ensure my submissive gets a good look. And then he slams inside me and grinds, chasing his pleasure.

The next man is not so kind. He doesn’t care about my submissive or how I feel. He passes on lube and ignores the pleading of my hips. Instead, he pushes himself inside me, making sure to ignore the spots that will give me the most pleasure. His cock rubs against my insides before he empties himself inside me.

Again and again, men line up and use me. And when they’re done, my submissive will kneel down between my legs and lick up all that come. He ensures that I’ve had my pleasure again and again, just like I’ve commanded him.

After all, part of being in a doggy hole wall sex scene is getting to cum.

Wanna use me for the best phone sex play? Then call me!

doggy hole wall sex