I was feeling so angsty so my doctor prescribed masturbation for my woes.

When I visited, I did not expect some doctor prescribed masturbation to be the answer to my problems. Previous to this session, I couldn’t cum. Teenagers who do not cum are little spiteful nightmares. I was so repressed! I had many boyfriends try to help but to no avail! It wasn’t without trial. Real young, I tried to stick my fingers in, but just did not know how to touch it! My boyfriends could get off, and I couldn’t. So unfair! I wanted to experience the wonderous screaming and squirting orgasms that I saw in porn! And, I was so horny. Too horny! It was making me crazy, and vicious.

Teen girls who don’t cum develop a kind of serial killer rage. A mania. Delirium! So, I went to the doctor to see what was wrong with me and why I could not cum. I stripped down, as we are supposed to in a visit. I put on the little gown thing, crawled up on the table, and stuck my feet right in the stirrups. The doctor entered and asked me what seemed to be the problem. I notified him that unfortunately, I was incapable of orgasm. The doctor prescribed masturbation. He informed me that I was in good hands and that he was absolutely sure that I could orgasm. I told him that I just simply could not figure it out. He told me that he knew just what I needed.

He told me to show him what I had been doing, so I reached down and fingered myself.

After, he shook his head and informed me that I was going about it all wrong. Then, he grabbed a mirror from one of his drawers and told me to hold it between my legs, so I did. He began playing with my clit using some sort of doctor prescribed masturbation technique.  Stimulating my vulva and the hood. Stroking the internal stems of my clit, then circling my clit. Then, he stroked my clit while slowly sliding one finger in the opening and just stimulating the first two inches of my pussy. He slid it in and out, going no deeper than two inches each thrust. I felt the build. My whole pussy started to tingle. Then, he slid another finger in and increased the two inches, to three.

He sped up a bit, both rubbing my clit and fingering me during this doctor prescribed masturbation. I was so turned on!  I grew wetter and wetter. Finally, I came all over his hand. I creamed his two fingers. Then, I asked him about squirting. I told him that I didn’t squirt, but I wanted to! He pulled out a high powered wand and began lightly stroking my clit with it. Then, he slid his two fingers inside of me deeply and pumped them about five times. Then, he pulled them out. All the while, he kept stroking my clit with the vibrator. He moved this a bit faster and slid his fingers in again. He pumped five times and then pulled them out.

This became a sort of consistent action.

In for five slow and deliberate pumps, then out. Each time he slid out, I felt my pussy clench and squeeze. I grew hornier and hornier even though this was just a doctor prescribed masturbation. The surface of my clit heated up and throbbed. I felt this pressure deep inside. Each time he slid his fingers inside of me I felt the deepest massage. As the pressure built, I felt this release sensation. This pressure was unmistakable. I was squirting. With the force that the stream came out, I could hear it happen. My clit grew so sensitive and my nerve endings electrified. Heat prickled up my body in little pleasurable shocks. I gasped loudly.

I definitely squirted all over my doctor during this doctor prescribed masturbation. Shamelessly, the doctor toweled off his face and slid his gloves off. I watched the whole thing up close in the mirror, but I felt so turned on that I missed a bunch! The doctor informed me that I could always return for more!

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doctor prescribed masturbation