Hogrock the Wildest Bike Rally of the South!

Every  Year I go to a bike rally called Hog rock.  Its one of the biggest parties I go to were its nothing but fun and dirty sex stories. Last year I got me a new bike so I had to go show it off and put it in the bike contest. It’s a 2015 Harley Davison Sportster.  I was wearing a cowgirl hat my boots a rebel flag bikini and shorty shorts.


I pulled up to the gates and seen everyone staring at me. It was a little unnerving to have strangers asking to take pictures with me on my bike. But I have to admit I loved the attention. At first, we took a few basic pictures but then I wanted to make it sexier. So I propped my legs up on the handlebars spreading my legs apart. It did not leave much to the imagination.


Hogrock bike rally is known for nudity and crazy shit so it was no problem when I took off the top of my bikini and took off my shorts. I was posing on my bike with just my boots and bikini bottoms.  The audience started giving me beads and was offering me to come back to there campsite to have some free shots and better pictures.  I got back on my bike and told them I had to get ready for tonight.  I was hired that year to be a professional stripper for the party.

 When my party really got started that’s when this dirty sex stories got better.

I got back to my campground and started getting ready.  Next, the thing I know I hear someone knocking on my camper door so I answered and It was Mark, He’s a tall long haired guy.  I told him about my new bike so I took him to look at it.  Then he asked me, have you broke it in yet? At that moment I knew this was going to be one of the best dirty sex stories I would have to tell. I told him I haven’t had a chance, He grinned and took me by my waist, and started kissing me on my neck and down to my tits. I told him we were outside and everyone can see us.  He said he did not care and that we were going to give them a show.


He took me by my waist bent me over and pulled my bikini bottoms off and started fucking me right there in front of everyone.  There were people who were riding by were whistling and throwing beads.  Next thing I know there were men pulling down their pants and girls coming to eat me out and it turned into a big orgy.


Also If you want to get in on the orgy of a lifetime then you should call me for some hot phone sex. We can roleplay it out and leave you breathless. Cum bend me over my bike boys!

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