My New Latino Lover And My New Dirty Sex Stories

I Have a new boyfriend named Danny. He’s is a stunning tall dark man who I call Papi. He is Mexican and I love it. I have so many new dirty sex stories. I use to be into big black cocks. but he has changed my way of thinking and fucking.

Then I met Danny and we hit it off. The next thing I know I’m back at his house and he has me sitting in his bed listening to music. I was turned on when he spoke Spanish so sexy to me.  I was watching him dance when all of a sudden he snatched me up and began dancing with me, but the music was to fast and I couldn’t keep up.


Laughing, I sat back down watching him. I think I would rather enjoy the show from here thanks, I said.  His gorgeous black hair and tall, dark, handsome good looks made me ache to touch him.  He got hot and went to the kitchen to get a drink. I was hot for his cock! He would find me ready when he returned.

The moment he changed my world!

I took off my clothes and was lying naked in his bed when he came back. I was all sprawled out with my long blond hair just laying over my shoulder covering one of my tits. So I was ready to give him the best blowjob of his life. He looked shocked at first then you could tell he was getting excited. His old girlfriend only gave him phone sex I’m going to give him something so much better.

My dirty sex stories were about to begin. I could see his nice hard cock sticking up through his pants, I waved him over. I undid his pants pulling them down to the ground and his hard throbbing cock stood proudly pointing at me. Guided his hard cock into my mouth and started moving my tongue up and down on his nice hard shaft.  He reached down and grabbed my titties and rubbing my nipples.


 I pulled him down onto his back, I put my nice little pink pussy right in his face. I wanted to feel him licking my clit.  Danny knew what he was doing. It didn’t take him long he had me cumming all over his face which turned him on even more. He flipped me over and put his hard throbbing cock in my pussy and what he made me do next is beyond words.  He made me want nothing but Mexican cock and know that’s all I want. It’s my biggest fetish.

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