Seducing and Corrupting an Innocent Young Stud

 I’m looking for clothes in this department store when I see you, an innocent young stud. You’re so young, hot, yet naive-looking. This is probably your first job, hence the deer-in-headlights look about you. I stare at you for a while, sizing you up. You’re not aware of just how hot you are, probably a late-bloomer. Suddenly, I have the urge to make you dirty and totally corrupt you. 

I ask for your assistance and don’t take no for an answer. I make you come into the dressing room with me even though you insist it’s against the rules. “The customer is always right,” I tell you. You’re so nervous, I love it. I tell you I need help putting on this dress I picked out and proceed to strip slowly in front of you.

The cute yellow sundress I’m wearing has buttons all the way down my front. I pop the top one off and you gulp loudly. Then the next one down, and the next until I open my dress, revealing my sexy black panties and bra. You turn beet-red when I let my dress fall to the floor. I reach behind me and unlatch my bra, you’re panting now as my big bare tits are in touching distance. Lastly, I let my panties drop but you’ve done nothing yet to earn the privilege. That’s about to change…

Fuck Me

Poor innocent young stud, you look like you’re about to cum in your pants. The dressing rooms are busy with ladies coming in and out so I step closer to you. Your body freezes as I wrap my arms around your neck and whisper in your ear that I want you to fuck me in this room of mirrors. I tell you it will be like watching our own porn that we are staring in. And best of all, we can enjoy the show from every angle. I’ll feel like a dirty peeping Jane, but it’s my own sex show this time. You nod in agreement but have no idea what to do. Oh, innocent young stud, don’t worry, I’ll take the lead. 

First, I guide your hands to squeeze my big tits. I’m sure now that I’m your first. Then I guide your hands down my curves and place your hand on my pussy. I notice your pants are tenting as your fingers slip inside my slick warmth. Your body shudders and that’s when start unbuckling your pants. I drop to my knees and whip out your surprisingly huge dick. An innocent young stud with a massive cock? What more could I ask for! 


I tease your cock with my glossy pink lips and you watch me service you from all angles. Within a couple of minutes, you’re releasing your load down my throat. I swallow every last drop, then stand up and press my ass up against you. Then I reach down and grab my ankles. This view gives your cock new life and you’re ready to go again. 

You press your cock against my pretty pink hole and enter me hard, watching yourself fuck for the first time from every angle. You can’t help but loudly moan and groan as you plow deeply inside me, letting everyone in the dressing room in on our fun. I cum twice all over your massive cock before you blow yet another load, inside my twat this time. Corruption Status: Complete. 

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