How Did I Become a Dirty Peeping Jane?

Well, as a teen, I snuck into my sister’s room to borrow one of her cute sweaters. But, of course, she hated when I borrowed her clothes so when I heard her coming down the hall, I panicked and just hid in her closet and closed the door. She and her boyfriend came into the room and I spied on them through the slats of the closet. They immediately started kissing and taking off their clothes. They were so in the moment and obviously couldn’t wait to fuck each other’s brains out that I couldn’t interrupt them. So, of course, I was going to watch them from my front-row seat. That’s how I became a dirty peeping Jane. 

It felt so naughty, so dirty spying on my sister about to get fucked. But, I couldn’t help but be extremely turned on! Her boyfriend was really hot. And, I learned that day, really hung. And since my sister looks a lot like me and has almost the exact same figure, it was like watching me get fucked by her boyfriend. I was starting to like being a dirty peeping Jane. 

Make-Up Sex is the Best Sex

I heard my sister say, “Let’s never break up again.” Ooh, make-up sex, I knew this would be extra hot. Once they were both completely naked, my sister got on her knees and started sucking his huge cock. “I’m so sorry,” she told him over and over. I guess she really wanted to make up for something because she took his cock so hungrily.

Her lips tightly locked around his cock, she took him down even deeper. I watched and burned with jealousy. His cock looked so tasty my pussy tingled and begged for attention. So, I reached my hand down my little shorts and found my pussy already slick. I fingered myself as I continued to watch from my dark hiding place. I tried to keep my panting to a minimum. They had no idea a dirty peeping Jane watched their every move, and I wanted to keep it that way.  

Being Dirty is So Hot!

My sister’s cocksucking skills, the deepthroating and gagging, really impressed me. Little teenage me learned a lot that day. She was going all out and worshiping his cock. I rubbed my clit now as I thought he was about to blow his load in her mouth and wanted to cum with him.

But, instead, he picked her up, threw her on the bed, and starting fucking her pussy so hard she was crying out. He was sucking on her big tits the entire time. I always knew he had a big titty obsession. She came and held onto him tight as she convulsed in pleasure but he wasn’t done and kept up the fast fucking. I wanted him so bad, I made a plan to try to fuck him later. I finally reached my climax and started cumming right when her boyfriend started shooting his load inside her. Being a dirty peeping Jane was so hot!

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