Let’s Have a Raw Nature Fuck

I love fucking in the great outdoors! A raw nature fuck is so animalistic and hot. There’s just something about being out there in the wild, prancing around naked and fucking wherever you want. It feels so primitive, so raw like this is how fucking was meant to be done. 

That’s why I’ve planned this romantic picnic for just the two of us. First, we lay a blanket under a tree and eat chocolate-covered strawberries and get tipsy on champagne. Then I strip all my clothes off for you but before you can run your hands all over my body, I run naked into the river. You quickly strip down to your birthday suit too and run after me. I tease and splash you as you’re trying to catch up to me. 

Tease and Denial

Finally, you do, you grab a hold of my waist and pull me in for a kiss. I wrap my legs around your waist and feel your huge stiff cock so ready for a raw nature fuck. So, I guide you to my tight twat and you ease yourself into me. I let you pump inside me just a couple of times before breaking away from you and swimming away. Oh, how I love to tease you. I decide I’m done with skinny dipping and run back to our picnic spot. 

We get back to our blanket cold, naked, and horny. You straddle me and kiss all down my body, between my breasts, and down my trim tummy. Then you flip me over suddenly and fuck me from behind. Your cock pounds my little pussy and I scream in pleasure. Then you switch to my asshole and fuck me fast and hard. You’re no innocent young stud, you’re the kind of man that likes to take charge and go after what he wants. And that’s why I love to tease and deny you of the things you crave the most, my tight little holes. So, I pull away from you and run naked through the trees. You and your stiff cock chase after me. 

We Taste So Good!

You’re so determined to fuck me that you catch me quickly, pick me up, and slam me against a tree. This is the raw nature fuck I’ve been wanting all along! This time you’re not going to let me get away. You pin me forcefully to the tree and give me everything you’ve got. My body shakes from the power of your thrusts and I scream as I’m squirting all over your cock. You’re so close to shooting your load inside me but I beg you to cum in my mouth instead. I love the way you taste. 

So, you let me down and I drop to my knees in the dirt. I wrap my mouth around your thick cock covered in my pussy juice. Mmm, our raw nature fuck tastes so good! I suck you so good and right when you’re about to cum you pull out and surprise me with a messy facial. But, I don’t let it go to waste, I eat it off my face like its whip cream.  


Do you want to have a raw nature fuck with me?

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