Blackmailed into a Naughty Public Fuck!

It started as a regular lazy Sunday afternoon. I had no clue I would soon be blackmailed into having a naughty public fuck. I was on my way home from doing a little shopping and I must admit, I was daydreaming. Probably about fucking, as usual. Anyway, I didn’t notice that the red sports car in front of me came to a sudden stop. Well, I noticed, but just a bit too late.

We both pulled over to the side of the busy road to check it out. It was just a little fender bender but the dude in the car came out looking super pissed off. Only a tiny dent was visible from where I sat in my car. But, I could tell this car was his pride and joy. So, I got out of my car, straightened my little lacy black dress, and walked over to him in my blood-red heels. I hoped my charm would ease the situation since I definitely did not want him to report this little accident. 

I Had No Choice!

He got a good long look at my body as I sauntered over. The sight of me seemed to calm him down pretty quickly. I bet right then he already had a naughty public fuck in mind. I apologized profusely and begged him not to report this. He hummed and hawed, it seemed like he was taunting me. “Please,” I told him, “isn’t there some other way we can work this out?” He seemed to like this suggestion. 

It seemed like he was just waiting for me to say that. He said he would report it, unless… I let him fuck me right there on the hood of his sports car, in the middle of the day, with traffic going by. He was blackmailing me into a naughty public fuck! I really felt like I had no choice. There’s no way I was going to let my insurance go up over a tiny dent. Now it was my turn to hesitate as I looked around at all the cars whizzing by yet, suddenly felt like this raw nature fuck would be pretty damn hot. 

But, I Liked It

So, I strutted over to the hood of his fancy car and as I passed him, I brushed my hand over his crotch. His cock was already so stiff and ready for this naughty public fuck. So, I leaned over the hood and lifted my mini dress over my ass. He had full and easy access to my goods since I wasn’t wearing any panties. He came up behind me and I could hear his zipper go down. I faced all the traffic and waited for my naughty public fuck.

He grabbed my petite waist and  fucked me doggy-style fast and hard. There was no disguising what was going on. It was obvious my little twat was being fucked. I cried out and my pussy dripped. Cars started to slow down to watch the show and some even honked, cheering us on. My blackmailer did not stop or slow down for a second. He was enjoying being on display and so was I. So, much so that I came a couple of times before he pulled out and jizzed all over my ass. Then he spanked my ass cheeks and sent me on my way. 


Where should we have our naughty public fuck?

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