Shhh! I’ve Got a Sexy Secret Lover

You have to promise not to tell anyone, I’ve got a new sexy secret lover and… it’s my Dad’s girlfriend. I know, it’s so wrong but OMG it’s also so fucking hot! She’s his latest hot young plaything. He usually attracts bombshell babes, having lots of money tends to do that. But, this one is special, she’s just my type. She’s got all the right curves, a full ass you just want to spank, and more than enough of a handful of tits. Plus, her sultry good looks just scream, ‘fuck me’. 

She is so smoking hot, when I first met her I couldn’t keep my eyes from roaming her super-fit body. Then, I went back to my Dad’s house the next day, honestly, just to see her again. But on my way there, I saw her out for a jog in her tight leggings and a sports bra that could barely contain her big tits. If I could, I would have taken her right there with a hot naughty public fuck for all to see. I knew I had to make a move on her, she and my Dad wouldn’t last anyway. I got to the house and was so glad my Dad wasn’t there. Once she came back from her jog, I was ready to pounce and make her my sexy secret lover. 

I Love a Good Camel Toe

She came into the house out of breath and glistening with sweat, looking hotter than ever. She seemed really happy to see me, so I told her I loved her camel toe and asked for a taste. I know she was shocked that I was so forward. She blushed, but with obvious mutual desire. I approached her slowly. Even though she hadn’t responded yet, I knew the answer was yes. I leaned in and kissed her full pouty lips and her tongue teased mine so seductively. I got slowly to my knees and kissed her camel toe through her leggings, flicking my tongue between her slit. She moaned with desire as I teased her. 

Then I reached my hands up to the waistband of her leggings and pulled them down revealing her completely smooth, bare pussy. My mouth wrapped around her pussy lips and I tongue fucked her and sucked on her clit. She watched me and held my head firmly to her luscious twat until she was cumming in my mouth. 

Then she guided me to the bedroom she shared with my Dad and pulled out a strap-on and asked that I fuck her with it. I wondered if she had ever used it on my Dad but wanted so bad to keep making her cum that I just didn’t care either way. So, I straddled her with my huge silicone cock, ready to please. I fucked her pussy, then her ass, making her cum multiple times before my Dad came home. From then on she was hooked and now we have sex behind my Dad’s back all the time. 

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