I’m Not Surprised They Liked Anal Sex Best!

I know you may be wondering how I know this. Well, I got ahold of the first edition of Romeo and Juliet and it gave all the dirty details of their sexual relationship. The story you read in school was just the toned-down G version. The version I read was downright X-rated. It turns out Shakespear was a dirty, horny boy. The original details all their raunchy, filthy teen sex. And it came as no surprise to me, an anal-loving whore, that they liked anal sex best. Luckily, for you, you don’t have to read it yourself. I’ll sum up all the dirty details for you. 

Yes, when they first met, it was love at first sight but also lust at first touch. Their eyes locked from across the room at the party.  Instant attraction came over them. They professed their love for each other almost immediately then found a quiet corner to kiss and gaze into each other’s eyes. Their kisses became deeper and more intense, their lust growing. 

Romeo pulled Juliet close to him and she could feel his hard cock against her. She rubbed his cock over his pants, he loved how forward she was. He couldn’t resist, even in this crowded party, he put his hand up her skirt feeling for her panties. But, she wasn’t wearing any, instead, he felt soft, delicate hair. He easily slipped his fingers inside her, she was so slick and tight. Romeo finger-banged her until she came hard, still with her tongue in his mouth. It was so hot, he jizzed his pants. Soon, Juliet had to leave so she asked him to visit her later that night. 

Where Art Thou?

Juliet waited for what seemed like forever on her balcony. She couldn’t wait to see Romeo again, taste his mouth, and feel him inside her. She ached with love and want for her sexy secret lover. Finally, she saw him and he climbed up the wall to her balcony. They exchanged few words before returning to kissing and pawing at each other. The star-crossed lovers were excited to finally have uninterrupted alone time in her bedroom. 

They undressed and took in the sight of their perfect teen bodies. Romeo kissed Juliet everywhere and tongued her clit gently. She got on her knees and sucked his hard cock. But, he really wanted to get to the fucking. So, he laid her on the bed and started to push his big stiff cock inside her wet pussy. She cried out with pleasure and pain. But, then she stopped him and asked him to fuck her ass instead. 

As you know, their families didn’t exactly get along, so getting pregnant would have been devastating. In order to prevent that but be able to fuck she asked him to put it in her ass instead. That’s why they liked anal sex best!

All About That Anal

Romeo was surprised but hungrily pushed himself inside her tight little hole. They were both anal virgins but after this first time, they definitely liked anal sex best. She was so damn tight he came within a minute so he ate her little pussy and finger-banged her until she came in his mouth. All night he fucked her off and on. They lost track of how many loads were in her ass. He would cum, eat her out or suck on her tits to take a break, then be back at that asshole again.

Totally obsessed with each other, they didn’t stop until the sun came up and Romeo had to leave. They continued every night like this for a couple of weeks until Romeo wanted to blow his load in her pussy too. He liked anal sex best, of course, but not being able to be inside her pussy was taunting him. That’s why they got married so they could fuck however they wanted.  

Unfortunately, we know how the story ended but at least they got to fuck like crazy! 


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