I love a little dirty outdoor sex!

I previously had some dirty outdoor sex, but with a boy. Nothing beats dirty outdoor sex with a girl. Out in the middle of the woods, camping, no one around, all alone. Or were we? My friends and I decided to go camping for a cozy summer weekend. We ended up driving down together all seven of us. We arrived rather late and ended up kind of stuck with a shitty camping spot. It was somewhat open and right next to the road. We were very exposed to anyone who might be driving to some of the more further back spots. We both agreed that we would sleep in the back of my car on a blowup mattress. Neither of us thought about anything like changing or how we were going to fuck until we began setting up.

She brought it up to me that we lacked privacy from not only our friends but also the road. The windows of our car were not even in the least bit tinted. We slept topless and in our panties anyways, of course. We needed to preserve the warmth. Once we had a little campfire, where we embarrassed all our friends with our frankness. She sat on my lap, and we talked until late. Once we got some of the boys to put out the fire, we went to the car and slept one of the shittiest nights of sleep of my life. I woke up with the sun as the windows were not even a teensy bit tinted. The car grew hotter and hotter by the minute. We couldn’t handle it. We opened up the back and pulled the air mattress out.

It felt much cooler outside.

We saw that everyone else left for their early morning hike. We had only a sheet to cover us, so I spooned her. I reached under the sheet and brushed the tops of her thighs with my fingertips. Then I did the same thing to the bottoms of her thighs, letting my hand linger where thigh met ass cheek. Then I dragged my hand in between and up her thighs. I brushed up against her panties, subtly. I wanted her to insist we do it out there even though our friends might catch us coming back from their hike. Or even naughtier, someone looking for a further back camping spot. I played around with her like that until she grabbed my hand and pressed it between her legs.

I withdrew, and she slid her hand between my legs. Then, I slid my panties down, and she began rubbing my clit. I felt myself grow wetter and wetter. She pushed her hand further and slid her fingers inside of me. Then I felt her move her fingers in and out of my tight little hole. Soon, we heard the crackling of moving gravel.  A car passed by us slowly, scouting for parking spots. We gave no fucks. She continued sliding her fingers in and out of me. That was only the first. Three more cars passed by as she went about making me cum. The last car was a bit dangerous, as I was squirming and moaning, and her hand was very obviously moving under the blanket in my crotch region.

Finally, I came all over her hand.

Her fingers were soaked in my juices. I flipped her over and grabbed the wand from my backpack. She seemed surprised, as I kept it a secret that I brought it. I turned it on, and it was rather loud. I pressed it between her legs, and she squirmed. She was much more squirmy than me, and she tugged the blankets left and right until parts of us were exposed. This did not phase or stop me. I continued until she soaked her little black panties and came all over the wand. Our friends came down the hill, and I quickly shut off the vibrator and snuck it in my bag. Then, I did my best to cover us and dress under the blankets. Everyone, of course, knew exactly what we did. We laid there and received some worthy teasing about our dirty outdoor sex.


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dirty outdoor sex