When I was in my early teens there was a game me and my girlfriends would play.

It was a teasing game. We loved to ride the subway into the city. Each time we would go into the city on the subway we get all kinds of guys that were hitting on us. And it was really good for egos even though we knew we were really cute. But there were times when the guys would go too far and just would become annoying. And that’s when we decided to get a little revenge. I made up this game we could play. I figured how cool would it be if we could just turn the tables. You know, stare at a guy, maybe make some cat calls, or be even more naughty.

So sure enough the next time we went into the city on subway we chose our victim. super shy middle-aged guy sitting by himself and we sat directly across from him and the game started.
He immediately looked across at us gave us a sweet smile and then looked away.

But I would have none of that.

I started off first I smiled right at him stared right at him and proceeded to open my legs since I was wearing a really short skirt I knew he could see my super tight panties underneath. I saw him immediately stare at my panties and literally saw his jaw drop. His gaze raised to my face and that’s when I winked and licked my lips. My girlfriends exploded into giggles. This poor guy’s face turned totally red.He spent the rest of the ride looking totally uncomfortable.It really was hilarious and it felt good to tease this guy.  The next guy we chose was attractive and younger and he definitely was more confident . He noticed us staring at him and he smiled back at us and he didn’t seem shy at all. Okay so now he was a challenge. The three of us all wearing our school uniform skirts proceeded to flirt openly with him and open our legs. He smiled broadly at first and seemed to enjoy it but as we continued to tease him he began to look really uncomfortable in a confused way. We licked our lips, winked at him I even slid my hand between my legs and as if I was about to slip my hand into my panties and I literally saw him put his hand on his cock. I was a little nervous but I just kept on teasing him and before our eyes we could see his cock grow hard and that made it so fucking exciting!

And the game went on. As the train started to fill up we tried something a little different.

My hot little friend made the first move. There was a young guy holding on to the pole in the center of the train. She got out of her seat and joined him holding the pole. Two of us joined her, pretty much surrounding the guy. Each one of us going out of our way to make this kids Dick hard. Smiling right into his face and pulled out a nice round lollipop and proceeded to lick and suck it. My other two girlfriends did the same sucking and licking the lollipop as if it were cock we were sucking. It was so cool this guy turned pale but looked happy and I took it a step further. As the train moved on I kind of got in the position so that my sweet little ass was banging up against him.     I made sure I was nearly grinding my ass up against his cock. He didn’t try to move. He just enjoyed every minute.

We had a great time playing this game. Many times since then I play this game. Maybe coming home from a night hanging out I still now and then like to tease. I love to stare at a guy’s cock and smile at him. I like to be super bold and never be the first to look away. I love to open my legs. a little at first and a little more each time. I love flashing my panties and making a guy’s cock hard.I know I’m a dirty girl and proud of it! Give me a call and give me a chance to tease your cock! You won’t be disappointed!

 Dirty Tease Dana

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