Dirty furry sex was nothing like sleeping with a stuffed animal, I soon found out. 

My boyfriend at the time, C, told me he was a furry and wanted dirty furry sex. Reeling with the information, my only thought was of my previous encounter with sexy stuffed animals. Namely, my stuffed bear. 

But he explained he had a fursona, a wolf, that he felt the most like. He wanted to fuck me like a wolf would fuck me. Admittedly, as much as he could fuck me like a wolf; wolves and humans are not similar creatures. But he told me about how he wanted the sex to go down. First, he’d push me to the bed. Second, I’d have my ass up in the air, doggy style. Third, he’d come inside me and stay there, imagining his knot filling me up. 

Finally, it was up to me to decide whether to see his fursona and outfit. C and I were in a loving relationship, and in those, you support someone and their kinks, right? 

“Show me your closet, then.” I shrugged and C squealed with joy. It wasn’t a very wolf-like sound, but the excitement of seeing his apartment for the first time overrode that. 

The Suit

We got to his apartment in no time, both of us a little aroused at the idea of playing into his fetish. When it came to the closet, C stopped in front of it, meeting my eyes. 

“I have a secret.” C’s voice was deadpan.

 However, months of being together meant I knew he was joking. More specifically, he was referencing Fifty Shades of Grey, which he knew I disliked.  So, I hit his arm, laughing at him. Dirty furry sex or dorky furry sex, I wondered.

Then, C turned on the lights into the closet, letting me see the fursuit in its entirety. It looked no different than a sports team mascot- big, fluffy head, and onesie body. There was a hole in the front, designed to be like the slit found in boxers. The head was hilariously large. But C smiled as he put it on himself, and his body posture relaxed. Instantly, his body went from shy to predatory, leaning forward and sure of himself.

“I’m a wolf,” he announced. 

That much was clear. To show off his suit, he twisted around, showing me his fur. His tail flapped limply as he moved. Quickly, C explained he wanted to have a controller for it, so it would respond better to his movements. 

“I mean, it should wag right now. It just can’t.” He shrugged. 

The gray fur had a soft, white belly, and it reminded me of my stuffed bears as a kid. C laughed while I kept rubbing his bodysuit and his head. “It feels nice, yeah?” he acknowledged. 

“It kinda does.”

The Sex

“Well, you might want to take your panties off. The paws aren’t really great for dexterity.” 

Fair enough, I thought. So, I slipped my panties off, keeping my skirt and blouse on. I was about to quip about being a tasty meal, given that I was standing in front of his bed.

And then, C knocked me into the bed. There was no warning. One moment, I was standing in front of him, and the next, he was growling at me and pushing me into the pillows. 

Of course, there were a few things that were different with the fursuit on. For example, there was no way we could both kiss open-mouthed. But C made up for it by nuzzling my neck with his mouth, His paws held down my hands and he growled inside his suit. Strangely, the empty, large head he wore only served to deepen his growl. So, the growl echoed in my ear and I found my thighs even wetter.

I lay face down on the bed, my hips up. For a moment, I felt his cock through his bodysuit- and then it came free. C growled again, near my ear as he rutted against my ass, trying to find my pussy. In response, I lifted my hips higher, hoping he’d catch against my pussy. He kept sliding against it, teasing both of us as he rutted against my ass. 

Finally, he slipped inside. 

Both of us were aroused from the earlier conversation; it didn’t take long to come. He howled as he came, just like he wanted. And I rutted against his cock until I found my own release, in bliss from dirty furry sex.


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