I have many amazing qualities and many attributes in the bedroom that make me a “go to” girl for a lot of men. Truth is, that makes me very happy. Not only does it feel good to please all these sexy men, but I also get to cum again and again. One of these qualities is my dirty edging fun. Wow, what a good time it is to control your cock and when you get to shoot your load!

I am always your submissive little whore, but when you need some cock control, I am your girl. Not only do I control you, but my naughty ass teases you too! Playing with my gorgeous, big titties in your face, rubbing this sweet pussy near you. Your cock is rock hard and ready to bust.

Dirty edging fun gets me off like no other.

The power I wield is intoxicating. I see how bad you want to cum. As I play with your ball sack and feel the pressure building up, I smile and tease you more. Licking that precum off the tip of your cock, but not doing more. You are moaning in agony and I hold the key to your release.

This key is many different things. My warm wet mouth sliding up and down your cock, these big titties oiled up for you to fuck or my tight little pussy ready for your cock to plow into it. I make sure you get full visual stimulation as I control you longer. I see how uncomfortable you are and yet I know you love every minute.

You are a nasty boy that needs controlling.

At the beginning of our playtime, you gave me permission to push your limits. Oh my, you had no idea how hard this was going to be. LOL, I love seeing you struggle. Wanting to release your load and yet, still wanting to wait. Man, it must be excruciatingly intense inside your body right now!

For me, it is absolutely amazing to watch. See you struggle and beg. Awe, the poor baby, not shooting your load anytime soon. I still have tricks up my sleeves and I intend on using as many as possible. You also need to know if you cum without my permission you will never get inside this sweet, tight pussy of mine!

Damn, I bet that makes it even harder!

The tip of your cock looks an unnatural color right now. Dirty edging fun is causing you pain, isn’t it? Mmmmm, that is what I love to see. Any man willing to go all the way with me, able to last my edging game is amazing. I know it is tough and to be honest, very few men can withstand my insane abilities in edging.

Part of the process is how turned on I get. That is why I last so long with my tease and denial, edging you on and on. My pussy is dripping wet watching you struggle. It is turning me on to know you want to please me this badly. Wow, I know this pussy is gold, but you really help prove that.

Your desire to be inside me gives you the power to hold out.

To be honest, fetish phone sex is so much fun. I love to share my naughty desires with my callers. Edging is only one of the many things I shine in, anal rape is another. All of them are fun, but edging you gives me control to be really nasty and dirty. Using all my skills to see how far you can be pushed. Fuck yes, it is so much fun!

As I see you are getting worn down, I think I should give in, only to tell you no, keep going. Haha, the look on your face is fucking awesome. You thought I was going to give in. Awe, sweet boy, I can make this go for hours and you will be ready to burst. Tell me, sexy man, do you want me to let you cum? Tell me the truth, are you ready for that big cum shot? I am ready now and you get to choose. How you want your dirty edging fun. Where on me will you shoot that load?