Do you love being controlled and then your mistress humiliating you? If so, we are a great fit! Humiliation Mistress Stories are great to make. I am in charge of the “waste of space” men that deserve to bow at my feet. Doing as I tell you will make it go better for you, but not as much fun for me. Misbehave and make it more fun for both of us.

Dirty edging fun can be exciting when I am controlling you. I crave the feelings I experience when I am your humiliation mistress, teaching you how to be a good submissive or slave. All that depends on how far you are truly willing to go. Do you want to retain the power to say no? Or are you ready to fully submit to my will? I love both and have both submissives and slaves.

Humiliation Mistress Stories are full of my experiences with the entire spectrum.

With submissives, we work together to find the right fit. I am still in charge, but we have limits and if needed, stop words. My humiliation goes pretty deep, so be prepared for it. I love bringing a man to his knees with my words. Cutting a man to the core by pointing out all his inadequate qualities is fucking thrilling. My pussy literally gets wet when I tear a guy apart with words!

For my slaves, they commit to being mine and taking whatever I dish out to them. They are happy being more than just my little bitches. I make them lower than that. Also, know that being a slave is a lifestyle. We are in an unwritten contract to this relationship and I am the controller. Not every man is capable of such a serious commitment

Either is choice is fun for me!

Tell me the truth, which appeals to you the most? Are you just in it for some short-lived humiliation and submission? That is good for me, we can still accomplish so much humiliation with this arrangement. As a submissive, you are still my bitch. We just have to work out the details of what limits you have. Once that is done, it is all fun and games baby!

For all of my sweet little bitches, I give you the worst of me. I pour out the meanest side of me. Going deep to cut you all the way through, figuratively of course. Do you want to be a player in my Humiliation Mistress Stories? I would love to show you the ropes and break you in. If you are a little pussy, Mistress Brittany can go easy on you at first.

Yes, I even work with little sissies that are fucking pussies!

It won’t be nice, but it will be fun! Be prepared to be humiliated in every area of your life. If you are coming to me with a tiny pecker, it is on Bitch! I am size queen and love a big hard cock. Little itty bitty weiners are a waste to humanity. Yes, you read that right, you are a waste of space on earth with that tiny tallywacker!

Don’t fucking cry, Bitch and sure as hell, don’t beg me to stop. If you are a beggar, it inspires me to go harder on you. The more I find that is tough for you, the more I go straight to those items. I take my time learning what really bothers you and I use everything to hurt and humiliate you like no other woman ever has.

Are you up to the intense humiliation sessions I give?

Be honest little sissy fucker! If we are honest and I point out you have a clit, not a dick, are you going home crying? Now, even though I can’t stand tiny little dinky winkies, I sure as shit love to torture you about your oversized clit. If this is your situation, know that we are focusing on that for sure!

Perhaps you were blessed with a huge Willie, but are unable to get it up. Baby, have I got humiliation for you! Delving into how you truly let down humanity with such a gift and no way to please with it will make me all wet. How sad it must be to have a gorgeous Moby Dick and no way to please your lovers? You really are a waste and should definitely be in my Humiliation Mistress Stories!

Truth, I love to humiliate my subs and slaves. It doesn’t matter what or where you are inadequate we will find your flaws and I will pick you apart! I will give you the most intense humiliation phone sex and you will love being my bitch!