My Husband and I just got done playing around. I felt a little frisky this morning. I woke him up with a Blow Job. Of course, It leads into the sex he loved having. Rough and Hard. Roger got the toys out. Just to show me who’s boss. He’d tied the vibe to my legs just so it hit my clit in the right way & told me to lay still. That if I was caught moving he’d spank my ass too! Then leaves the room I heard the shower start and knew I’d be going through Orgasms after orgasms for a while. I could feel the first one starting to hit & I lost control. I see Roger come in the bedroom to get his clothes. Little did I know Roger had planned out a whole day of Sexually adventures and my First Anal Rape scene that day.

An It All Starts

Roger walks out of the bedroom he turns up the radio and Leaves the room. Next came to a bit of shock. I see Rogers brother walk into the bedroom Jumping up. He looks at me and says Now what did Roger tell you? Grabbing my wrist and tying it to my bedpost. I start to struggle in tell him I don’t care what Roger said. This is unacceptable! However, Sean did not care. Saying well Little Sister in Law. It’s about time you learn how our family works! Here in the Smith Family, all wives are fair game. You didn’t know this but Roger has been fucking my wife since I married her 7 years ago! While he grabs my other wrist in ties it to the other bedpost.

Taken By My Brother In Law

I watch him get undress as I squirm to try to get out of the ropes. Nothing is working So I began to try to talk some sense into him. Sean are you really serious? Roger has not been fucking your wife for 7 years. I knew he called Incest Phone Sex lines and watched incest porn. I just thought that was exploring.  As he grabbing my ankles. I say, Wait Sean, just wait a minute, Nothing was stopping him. I try kicking him as he turns me on my side smacking my ass. Now Sis, settled down and this will become enjoyable. Don’t make me have to tie your feet down too!

We are going to be spending a lot of time together Please don’t make me make you hate it! Just wait in till Dad Starts to Anal Rape you! It’s his favorite thing. Oh, Darling, you thought I was going to be the only in the family who shares you? At this point what could I do? So I closed my eyes as Sean started to finger my cunt. I still had Roger’s load in my from this morning. So I was nice and wet. Sean seeing that said oh I see Roger got to you first this morning I’ll have to start coming over earlier,

Sean Has His Way

He Started sliding his cock up and down my clit. Rubbing my juices back into my cunt. I whimpered as he slides his cock into my already fucked hole. What was happening to me? I had just fucked my husband and now I’m fucking his brother. Who does this? I felt his cock stretching my filled came in cunt every inch he took. He was bigger than Roger and my pussy was not used to taking his size. He started fucking Rogers cum deeper and Deeper into me. Pumping faster and faster.

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I was a little ashamed of myself when I started to enjoy it. However, I couldn’t stop myself from moaning and wrapping my legs around him. Sean’s cock felt amazing and Honestly, I wanted it now. Sean pounded my pussy for another 10 mins till he dumped his load in tome also. Left me tied and full of his cum. Hopefully, Roger will be coming home soon!

It’s Not Over

Well, Sean as soon as Sean Left Roger Dad walk’s in. Saying, Hi Tina. I hear today is the day you really join the family. Roger will be back shortly he’s over filling his mom with her daily cum shot. Don’t worry you will get used to it Hunny. Now that the boys are finished with you it’s time for me to finish the job. Did the tell you what I will be doing? As I watching get undressed. He starts to say. Well Hunny, I like asses. Have you ever had your ass fucked? Roger told me you haven’t.  So today will be the first session that I Anal Rape you. Don’t worry Dear, you will get used to it. Now if I untie you will you turn over and give me that ass like a good girl?  I agreed and turned over as I should.

Roger’s Dad Knew the Anal Rape was about to Begin

Then got me up on all fours. Then started to pinch the mushroom head as he slowly entered my ass. I begged him to stop as it was hurting. She calmly told me No dear and pushed me into the bed. Pushing his cock deeper into my ass. Starting to cry he told me to calm down that it would only hurt for a little while. Grabbing my hips as he started pounding my tight asshole. Getting deeper and deeper as he took me. He wasn’t easy and it hurt A LOT!

I knew there was no stopping Rogers dad now. He was balls deep in my ass pounding me hard. All I could do is wait for the anal rape to be over! Feeling his cock start throbbing as I knew he was about to release his cum. I pushed back into filling me full of his cock as I started to feel the flood of his cum Squirt into my ass. I was getting Anal Rape by Rogers Dad after being filled with cum by both Roger & his Brother.

That day started my Family Slut Training in the Smith Family. Who knew all the woman had to be sluts! I was shocked but happy to add to the Family Sex Stories. I now fucked not only my Brother in Law and My Father in law but soon cousins and Uncles.