This is the Continued Story of erotic literature where witches & warlocks take over. It’s a tail that will lead you to how I became my family slut. The Training my jealous mother puts me through. However, This is Part 3.

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Getting Caught

I drag myself up off the floor with Pain shooting within inside of me. Every movement hurt.  I had to hurry up. Mother would be upset if I took to much longer. All I could think is Fuck My Mom Gently making it to the sink I wash my face off from the tears. I knew if I could make it home my mother could take this pain away with her magic. I started to walk out of the grocery store as I heard Miss… Miss… Hey, you come over here. I turned to look and it was a Tall Black gentleman racing towards the door to me, I froze where I stood. He grabs my arm and started walking me towards the back. Each step was killing me and he was making me walk fast. The two cucumbers were rubbing against each other inside of me.

My Punishment

The man introduced himself as Jim. He explained he was the Asst. Manager of the store. He just saw me take 2 cucumbers to the restroom. Asking me Where are they now? You didn’t eat them little bitch, did you? I told him no. I just looked down at the ground. Miss your gonna have to be honest with me here or I’m gonna call the cops. I looked at him turned around and bent over. With shock, he saw two cucumbers sticking out my pussy and ass. Miss what kinda sick freak are you he said. Never mind Take those out NOW you sick fuck! I stood up and told him I didn’t know if I could get them out myself. He grabs my hair and throws me across his desk.

The Insertion 

Getting Caught

Taking my Punishment

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