Being Hispanic Sunday mass was an important part of my life growing up, I was your typical catholic girl. Every Sunday I would wake up take a long shower the sit at my dresser staring at my perky tits while I did my makeup and hair while trying to look sexy enough to impress all the teenage boys at church. I mean I loved for them to stare and make little comments it boosted my self esteem and even turned me on sometimes. There were a lucky few that even got there dick sucked when we could sneak away from service for a quick bathroom break Duende.

Well one day while in the confessional father asked me Adriana why do you always exit service before it ends I replied father I’m not quite ready to confess this yet but in due time I will. Well Sunday rolled around and as always I showered and found the cutest dress I possibly could it was about two inches below my ass well that week I wanted to give father a little show . I sat front row right in front of him. As he started his sermon within the first ten minutes I was already bored, so I decided to have a little fun with father. I uncrossed my legs and gave father a little peep show he would never forget pulling my little hot pick thong to the side and I just kept touching myself spreading my tight pink lips apart. Father couldn’t keep his eyes off of me smiling and licking his lips frequently. After an hour of fun with father church was over as I was getting ready to go home father asked if he could speak to me in his office.

As I arrived in his office and father despite being in his fifties he was sexy. I was kinda nervous that he was going to be upset about what I did but that was not the case at all, he asked me to continue and if I minded if he joined in so I stated rubbing my clit and father leaned the chair back that I was in and starting licking my pussy that was the first time I yelled Hail Mary forgive me for being the slut I am. After father had my juices flow I grabbed his nice thick cock and let him face fuck me while gagging on his dick slobber coming from my mouth he kept ramming his dick further down my throat causing tears to come from my eyes smearing my mascara he then grabbed me by my throat and he yelled Hail Mary forgive me but this little slut is about to be covered in cum and before I could close my eyes a big gush of cum covered my face. I loved it smearing it all over my face even tasting the tip of fathers dick. Needless to say I always have a reserved seat front and center of every service.



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