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Making Him Get In My Truck Was So Easy

There were so many things going on in my dirty mind about the things I could do to tease and fuck him. I walked over and stood right in front of him. Wanting that big black cock I couldn’t help myself. Grabbing his hand I lead him out of the bar and right to my truck. Making him get in my truck was so easy. I leaned down and unzipped his pants. To my surprise his cock was even bigger than I thought and I wanted to see what it would look like fully erect and hard.

Gently I wrapped my cute little teen hands right around his cock. I wanted to feel the throbbing and pulsating making it get at least 12 inches that’s A huge Dirty BBC. Slowly I started to rub his cock all the way from base to tip. It was so big and black I had to use both my hands. Not being able to resist one little kiss. I leaned down and started sucking and teasing his thick throbbing cock.

He reached down to my white creamy teen pussy.  Slowly he rubbed my teen clit. He started making it get so hard. Leaning down he started to push his black big lips against my teen pussy. I was so turned on and wanting more. He started sucking that clit tingles were running up and down my spine.  Not being able to resist my sweet pussy juices. He reached down and started to move his mouth to my tight teen pussy hole. His tongue felt so good grazing over my hole.

As He Pushed All The Way In I Could Feel My Pussy Stretching All Around His Dirty BBC.

Grabbing his huge cock I started to suck and deep throat it as he ate my pussy. We were teasing and edging each other.  So wet I was dripping all my juices out he looked up and I saw how wet his face was.  Pulling My finger towards him, I made him come up to my mouth I wanted to kiss and taste my sweet pussy juices. I started nibbling on his bottom lip as I tasted all those sweet juices off.

I tasted so sweet like sweet nectar or honey. He started to kiss and nibble my neck as I felt his throbbing cock resting on my teen pussy. I could feel his cock do a jump and throb. Moving my hips I could feel his cock start to push in. He let out a huge moan in my ear.  As he pushed all the way in I could feel my pussy stretching all around his Dirty BBC.

I Could Feel Him Hit My Wall As He Got More Rough With Me.

The way he was fucking me was rough and so deep. I could feel him hit my wall as he got rougher with me. He was pushing my head down on the mattress and using me deep and so intense. I could feel his cock head flare as he started to spank my ass hard.

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