boxing sex

My guys always ask me to write about them in my blogs after we play. And I love sharing because the guys I play with are fucking awesome ! The other night I had a very interesting call. This guy, who I will call “G” chatted me up on instant messenger and wanted to know if we could role play and have some fun. Of course I was game and couldn’t wait to hear more! ย He wanted to have me dressed all sexy in a boxing ring with him. Just me and him with no audience. Then he said he wanted to dominate me in the ring and punch me several times in the stomach. Yes, non-stop heavy blows to the stomach.

When the call started I climbed into the ring with a sexy hot pink bikini and matching strapped heels with a peep toe. My long dark hair was hanging over my shoulders and my make-up was flawless. I was a bad ass bitch who was ready to kick “G”‘s ass! Little did I know he had it in for me and this was going to be a long battle. He was standing at the other end of the ring with nothing on but boxing shorts. He looked sexy as fuck and there was something about the way he was looking at that made my pussy quiver and start to cream. ย Right away I walked over to him and smacked him dead in his fucking face! I started to laugh loudly. I was patronizing him and “G” didn’t like that. He was going to show me what a real blow in the ring felt like. BAM! He gave me a right hook to the jaw and made my eyes tear up. Holy shit! This guy was serious and he didn’t give a damn about me being a hot girl. The blow was hard and swift, knocking me to the ground immediately. Seeing how vulnerable I was only made him more aroused. He grabbed me by the hair ย and drug me to the other side of the ring. It was there that he unleashed his wrath on me.

One after the other he laid punch after punch into my flat soft stomach. I was gasping, panting and pleading for him to have mercy on me. But every time I reached to grab the side of the ring and try to pull my self up there was “G” standing over me, reminding me that he was the boss. I could tell his dick was getting hard with every blow have gave me. “Stand up and take it if you’re a REAL BITCH!” he screamed. Taunting me and making feel his wrath. One blow to the stomach…2…3…4…and with every blow I became weaker and more vulnerable. Even though “G” seemed to be getting stronger with every blow, I wasn’t about to let this guy get the best of me. Some how I managed to stand up. Sweat was forming around my cleavage and dripping from my face. My panties were soaking wet and I could feel my self starting to lose consciousness. “G” was laughing and walking away from me. I wanted to show him that despite his overwhelming strength I would still find away to show him that I was a REAL BITCH! Some how I found the strength to pull up to my feet.

“G” heard my labored foot steps approaching from behind him. Just as he turned around to finish me off, he started to say “Back for more you sorry Bi…” and POW I spit a huge glob of spit directly into his smug face. LOL! I knew this was it. I knew that he would finish me off but, I was glad to have gotten one last “gotcha” in before he finished me off. With my spit dripping from his face “G” picked me up and body slammed my petite frame onto the floor of the ring. Even in defeat I laughed out loud. Even as he pulled out his cock and shoved it in my mouth. And even as he fucked my face so hard that I could barely see, I took it like a big girl. Every drop of cum that he dumped down my throat made me gag and retch. My airway completely filled with his throbbing cock caused me to gasp one last time before I completely passed out. I had been totally humiliated, abused and used.

“G” enjoyed the call and we both agreed to do the same thing again soon. It was all about making his fantasy come true and I am glad that I was apart of that. It’s what I love about phone sex! It can simply be about something that you’ve always wanted to do and now you finally have a hot chick who is willing to do it with you. There is NO JUDGMENT and you really can play and talk to me about ANY FUCKING THING YOU WANT!

So don’t hold back and give me ALL you got!

Be the one that I write about in my next blog. Give me a call NOW!

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