diaper fetish stories with GiseleHe Had A Diaper Fetish But It Had A Twist

This boyfriend I used to have was into diaper fetish. It was odd, most guys into that fetish are into wearing them themselves. But he wanted his ladies to be doing it in front of him, watching a girlfriend was where his pleasure lay. The first time he asked me if I’d try on a diaper. I thought he was joking, then when he asked me to pee in it. I didn’t know what to say. He told me I’d grow to like it. He brought over some pacifiers and baby bottles, he filled them with chilled white wine, it was hilarious. That certainly encouraged me to drink from them, that’s for sure. He dipped the pacifiers in chocolate sauce to make them taste good. He would rub his cock as he watched me do this.

There Was Something Sweet About it

He’d had this diaper fetish for many years. He wanted me one time to hold my bladder until it was really full. I had to pee so badly, and then he told me to hold a vibe over the diaper. And try to cum in the diaper and then when I came, let the piss flow. I drank several baby bottles full of the wine and then after a couple of hours really had to pee. He turned on the vibe and started to run it over the crotch of the diaper. And then when I was really turned on he handed me the vibe and let me get myself off. Then when I came and he told me to let the pee go, I did. I pissed into the diaper as I orgasmed.

I Was Shocked That I Could Really Get Into This

I felt shocked and dirty afterwards that I’d done such a thing. but after a few times, I started to enjoy it. And found even after we broke up, once in a while I still did this and masturbated this way. Now it seems I had diaper fetish as well. Of all fetishes I ever saw myself acquiring, this wasn’t one of them. But it really was a forbidden, taboo way to masturbate it seemed. And that’s part of what made me cum so hard when I did it.

If you’ve ever had sex or masturbated with a full bladder, it can really make it a much more intense orgasm. But you’re absolutely going to dribble as you’re approaching orgasm and going to squirt even more pee when you cum.

So wearing a diaper and masturbating over it can take care of that issue. The vibe through the diaper sort of muffles the vibrations, so it can take a bit longer. And be more of a build up to cum, it can be very hot. I kept some of the pacifiers he gave me. And I suck on them when I masturbate after I’ve had some wine from the baby bottle. I’ve never shared with another boyfriend about how I do this, I’m not sure they’d understand. But I will always have the memories of masturbating in front of him wearing one and peeing in it as he stroked his cock and watched and called me his baby.

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